Ormat Taps Into Geo-Thermic Volcano Energy In Indonesia

NASDAQ-traded Ormat Technologies (ORA) is involved in the proposed construction of a giant geo-thermal electric power plant in Indonesia, a country that is now in bad need of more electric power, even though it is a member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The project is estimated to cost around $800 million, […]


Top California Investors Visit Israel's Clean Tech Sector

The Pope was in Israel earlier this month, bringing with him thousands of Catholic pilgrims (and a request from environmentalists to help clean the Jordan River). A week later 40 investors from the California region came on a different kind of pilgrimage to Israel – to see the world-famous clean technology opportunities Israeli entrepreneurs have […]


Jordan To Launch Red-Dead Canal Without Israel

In a move that will have environmentalists and government officials in Israel reeling, the Jordanian government announced this week that it will go ahead with the controversial Dead Sea-Red Sea Canal from Aqaba in the Red Sea to the Dead Sea in central Jordan.  The announcement for the $10 billion project (some reports say $5 […]


Queen Rania To Help Jordanian Farmers Go Organic

Stylish and modern, the Kuwait-born Queen Rania of Jordan is helping Jordanian farmers go organic, reports the Jordan Times. Known for her humanitarian work on women’s rights, she is now launching a national program for organic farmers.  The plan is to convert up to 5% of Jordanian farms by 2014. She is also working to […]


Kishorit Becomes Organic Utopia For the Mentally Disabled

(Working on the organic goat farm at Kishorit, the largest organic goat farm in Israel that sells its “fair trade” milk to Harduf, the largest organic food supplier in Israel.) People born with mental deficiencies, or those afflicted later in life, are usually handed the short end of the stick. Facilities to accommodate needs and […]

Israeli Sperm Count Drops A Whopping Forty Percent

(Israeli hightech entrepeneur Yossi Vardi delivers a TED Talk about the dangers of blogging for men. An inconvenient truth called Local Warming.) It could be something out of the worst nightmare of a Woody Allen flick like “Everything you wanted to know about sex but are afraid to ask.” But there may be truth in […]


Agri Projects Offers Liquid Know-How To India

(Monsoons in India channel pollution to potable water sources, contaminating water everywhere.) Monsoons in India are both a blessing and a curse. As the heavy rains pour down, they provide the season’s much-needed water for irrigating crops. But monsoons also wipe out entire villages. They cause mudslides, and contaminate potable water. Diseases fester and spread […]


Agritech 2009 Expo In Tel Aviv Aims To Help Feed the World

(Tal Ya Water technologies, featured at the Agritech expo in Tel Aviv next week, could provide the world’s best – possibly first – effective dew drop collector for watering crops.) Growing tomatoes and raising dairy cows in 113 degrees Fahrenheit is no easy feat, but over the last 30 years or so, Israeli agriculture technologies […]


We Come From Comets, Finds New Icy Research

(A picture taken by NASA of McNaught comet in Australia) Comets have always fascinated us. A mysterious appearance could symbolize God’s displeasure or mean a sure failure in battle, at least for one side. Now Tel Aviv University justifies our fascination — comets might have provided the elements for the emergence of life on our […]


World Bank Report Recommends New, Equal Water-Sharing Regime Between Israel and the Palestinian Authority

The World Bank published a report yesterday recommending an immediate change in the water regime between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Coming at a particularly sensitive time, considering the region’s ever-worsening water crisis, the report, entitled Assessment of Restrictions on Palestinian Water Sector Development, concluded that “the joint governance rules and water allocations established under […]


Are Muslim Women Ready For Bamboo Hijab and Chadors?

You may not believe it, but the green stuff many people have growing as a decorative plant in their garden may become one of main fibers for manufacturing clothing, linens, curtains, and other fabrics that are presently being made from cotton (a very wasteful pant), and various synthetic fibers. Presently a number of fashion designers […]