Dubai Inaugurates World’s Tallest Building – Burj Khalifa


Reporters were given a sneak peak at Burj Khalifa at 828m tall, this week. The world’s tallest building, could attract international investment to the debt-afflicted emirate. Dubai inaugurated Burj Dubai (now Burj Khalifa after Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, President of the UAE), the world’s tallest building, with a spectacular display of sound, light, water and […]

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Planned City “Rawabi” Draws on Palestinian Enterprise and Israeli Experience


Green Prophet had reported on Rawabi (for Hills), the first “planned” city for Palestinians back in 2007; We are not sure if the Israeli or American urban-style mortgage model is the one to follow for a sustainable community (as Daniella asks in her article about Palestinian malls). Now Felice Friedson editor of The Media Line, […]

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