Mother of the Eco Bride: Roles and Responsibilities

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As a blushing (green!) bride to be, you’re probably incredibly familiar with all of the roles and responsibilities of your bridal party. You’ve probably already figured out which bridesmaid will hold your bouquet, which is responsible for a speech, and what your flower girl will dole out as you walk down the aisle.

But do you know what the roles and responsibilities are for your mother? Do you know what your mom, as the mother of the bride, needs to be doing to help you get ready for your big day?

If not, no worries – we laid it all out here for you!

Check out some of the primary roles and responsibilities for the mother of the bride below!

 Planning the Big Day

That’s right – this is a responsibility all brides are going to appreciate. Planning the big day. Although that typically falls on the bride herself, it’s a mother’s responsibility to aid her during this exciting –albeit stressful – time. MOBs help find the wedding dress, assist at fittings, provide the wording for the invitations, research family heirlooms, implement traditions, plan the guest list, and more! 

Bridesmaid Wrangler

The MOB is the bridesmaid wrangler, the one to run interference if the mischief gets too bold, and the one to ensure that everyone is doing their individual jobs. Trust us, as the bride, you’re going to be far too busy with your planning and executing to have awkward convos with your bridesmaids about simmering down – leave that to the MOB.

The Go-To Contact

Your MOB is also the one to contact – put her on the invites for RSVPs, refer the bridesmaids to her, have the groomsmen talk to her, too. She’s the one who’s got it all together and will make sure everyone knows what’s what. She’s the name you give to florists, to caterers, to venue scouts, and more!

Playing Hostess

Above all, the MOB is the designated hostess. On your big day, you’re not going to have time to meet and greet everyone – how could you? You’re getting married! She’ll greet the crowd, she’ll help move the party along, she’ll arrange gifts and keep the wedding plans in line – you’re going to be glad to have her doing all this because it allows you to better enjoy your special day.

All While Looking Amazing

The greatest role or responsibility of all for MOBs? Looking absolutely amazing at your wedding. That’s where we come in. You need to pick your dress among every type of mother of the bride dresses that you could possibly imagine. No matter the cut, color, size, or style, you must choose the one that fit you most and make you look elegant and beautiful. 



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