Cadillac’s ELR and Eco Luxury Cars Fit for the Middle East

cadillac elr 2014Cadillac’s 2014 ELR; a luxury plug in hybrid for only $55,000

Luxury cars, including biofuel driven gold Mercedes sports coups and sports cars like  gold plated Porsche 997 GT2’s  are often found in the garages of wealthy Middle East residents where price is no limit to luxury. These kinds of buyers who might want to go green will not likely buy into the wimpy Renault Twizy. But don’t despair wealthy sheikhs:  Even green luxury models like the plug-in hybrid Fisker Karma can now be found in the United Arab Emirates.  While some of these car makers claim their rides to be more environmentally friendly, especially the hybrid models, their high prices may make one wonder why so many of these cars are often seen in countries where many inhabitants live on bare subsistence incomes.

Tesla's Model S total electricTesla’s Model S total electric; now being sold in the Middle East

A number of new “showcase” luxury car models were recently on display in the USA at the annual Detroit Motor Show, one of the world’s largest showcase yearly auto shows.

While some of these cars, such as Chevrolet’s new supercharged Corvette model and Maserati’s Quattroporte were there to display the glory of  sheer power from fossil fuel guzzling, other cars at the show gave proof that luxury cars can also be energy efficient and even green.

One such car, theTesla Motors Model S Sports Sedan is total electric; and is said to be able to travel up to 300 miles on a full charge at speeds averaging 55 mph (95 kph) .

The star of the show is GM’s new Cadillac ELR plug in hybrid sports model  that is built on the same idea as the lower priced Chevrolet Volt; but more designed to please a more affluent car buyer who wants a more luxurious set of wheels. Besides having the new Converj body concept, which GM came out with in 2009, the ELR’s electric motor will propel the car along for 40 miles or 60 km until the reserve gasoline driven engine kicks in or the car’s battery pack is recharged.

While this may attract some buyers, at a factory price of $55,000 (much more in countries where high customs duties are levied ) it appears that if one wants to be luxurious and green, more greenback will be needed do so.

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