Why white colored cars are a better investment

It keeps the blazing heat back, and white is the best car color for holding value, according to the UK Daily Mail

In the market for buying a new car? Believe it or not, white colors help hold a car’s value.  Although white is usually considered more plain and certainly not as attractive as various metallic colors, and especially the white gold sheet metal on the Mercedes McLaren super sports coupe, there is a certain amount of logic behind choosing the color white for your next set of wheels. The reasons are both green and economical, especially when you go to sell your car online.

In a recent car news article the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper, white colored cars “typically hold about five per cent more of their value than the market average for a typical used car while blue cars still languish below market average values,” the article concluded.

The Mail went ever further and said that other colors, like green, orange, red, and especially purple were “under-performers” in used car markets; causing a price decline of anywhere between 4 and 8 per cent, depending on the model and of course the color.

While this information relates to cars being sold in the UK, the main reason for white’s newfound popularity  appears to be a more conservative taste in car colors among families. Although not specifically mentioned in the article, choosing a white color in either a new or pre-driven car can be a very logical choice, especially for car buyers living in hot climates like the Middle East.

For one thing, white color is easier to deal with when repairing a car after a minor traffic mishap. From a green standpoint, the components of white paint do not contain metals such as lead and other metallic pigments, titanium dioxide, (also used in cosmetics)  and barium sulphate which are  often found in metallic paints. These paint additives are not exactly environmentally friendly. Even though white paint does use substances like plastic acrylics, these are still better than the above mentioned additives.

Another factor involving the use of white paint is that white cars reflect sunlight better than other colors, making them less hot on the inside. This big heat reduction creates less poisonous gasses from plastics and other synthetic materials that form inside cars on hot days which in locations like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates can reach more than 45 degrees Celsius during mid-Summer.

Some car colors,  including pink, yellow and indigo did perform well; although these colors are better suited for certain trendy sports models. Although gold and silver colors were noted, they did not perform that well for holding a car’s value. No mention of white gold was made however.

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