Solar Power Plants in Italy and the US, Built by China and Israel?

solar power suntech israel electric photoSuntech, the world’s biggest maker of polysilicon solar-power modules from China looks to pair up with Israel Electric Corp on solar-power plants. Image via Suntech

Catalysed by the World Expo in Shanghai perhaps, the previous solar deal between Heliofocus and Sanhua, and/or linked to the $35 million deal between Suntech and Israel’s SBY Israel and China may be aligning on the solar front.  Bloomberg business news is reporting that economic ties could get a whole lot warmer between China and Israel: Suntech, the world’s largest crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) modules is expected to join Israel’s government-owned electric company Israel Electric Corp to develop solar projects and innovative technologies to boost solar panel efficiency. Israel Electric’s senior VP Yakov Hain said that the two groups are looking to coordinate research to develop solar technologies, and to collaborate on the design and construction of power plants – utilizing existing technology.

As business with the EU weakens, Israel looks to the East and hopes to attract Chinese investment.

Good news: Suntech is not only interested in developing and researching these technologies in conjunction with the Israel Electric Corp but are interested in potentially providing financing for this work too. This marks an important shift away from other more typical finance sources as we see a declining availability of funds coming out of Europe as the Euro weakens amidst concerns of spiraling debt and slow growth for some of the countries in the EU.

China has pledged to reduce its carbon-dioxide emissions per unit of economic output 40 percent from 2005 levels by the year 2020. As such, Israel is looking to capitalize on China’s need to attain this goal by opening up investment channels to Israel’s ever-burgeoning clean tech sector. Solar power is an obvious market for China and Israel to tackle together as Suntech and Israel Electric Corp Ltd are established leaders in the field.

The two companies could build power plants in countries that Israel Electric is already familiar with, such as Italy, Hain told Bloomberg. The US, Germany and the Mediterranean countries are also possibilities, he said.

The efficiency of solar cells right now is rather low, converting just below 20% of the sun’s energy into usable electricity, but Israel Electric believes that with the use of a special polymer they have been experimenting with to replace the silicon in these apparatus, they may be able to increase the efficiency levels by 40-50%. The collaboration between the Chinese and Israelis here may effectively combine experience with creativity to find this increase and potentially change the face of the solar market.

Suntech has already established a major presence in the United States with its San Francisco US Headquarters and plans to start a production facility in Phoenix, Arizona in 2010. This newly formed alliance were it to move forwards will certainly be an interesting one and one that holds much promise for the future of solar technology.

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3 thoughts on “Solar Power Plants in Italy and the US, Built by China and Israel?”

  1. nigel says:

    He certainly keeps his head where the green is.

    In twenty years, could we draw, retrospectively, causal relationships between the failure of the Reagan era Promise, the disillusionment of educated youth who no longer find fulfillment in the corporate/banking dream of America, the international dance scene (from Trentemoller to Tiesto) and a resultant boom in green energy advocacy and development?

    Only He, the Prophet, the grAYz-a! will know for sure. Stay tuned folks – we might be witnessing the birth of a new breed of global citizen. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

  2. Solar power is the way to go and I can foresee a big green energy revolution coming out of this venture between the Israelis who have technology and are experienced and the Chinese who are innovative and would stop at nothing. This kind of blend is what brings forth amazing results.
    I believe this technology is well needed and deserved in Africa where sunlight is in plenty. I advocate for renewable sources of energy here in Kenya where natural rainforests are encrouched by human activity at alarming rates.

  3. Lauren Fridling says:

    Very interesting! Well written, I loved it.

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