Jordanian Ministry of Environment to Amend the Country's Environmental Laws within Five Months

Jordanian Minister of the Environment, Khalid Irani

Jordanian Minister of the Environment, Khalid Irani

After reviewing Jordan’s current environmental laws and discovering that there were many loopholes that enabled violators to avoid punishment, the Jordanian Ministry of Environment has decided to amend their laws.  And they’ve decided to do it fast, within the next five months.

Jordan currently has 21 legislations protecting the environment, but since they often contradict each other it is almost impossible for a judge to issue a verdict without some kind of loophole.

According to Environment Minister Khalid Irani, “We will review the environment laws in cooperation with the European Union, as many loopholes were discovered in the laws after they came into force.”Irani added that “such loopholes affect regulations governing the issuance of and determining the value of fines, therefore the laws will be amended in cooperation with EU experts who helped draft many environment laws.”

With all these loopholes in the laws protecting the environment, the environment inevitably suffers.

In addition, Irani expects two environmental laws to be endorsed by the Cabinet as early as next week:

The Environment Inspection and Monitoring Law in order to govern and regulate the inspection process, so that industries adhere to the necessary environmental laws.  The law would classify industries as low, medium, or high risk in terms of their effect on public health and the environment.

Environment Protection Fund Law to clarify criteria for environmentally friendly projects in the private sector that should qualify for grants.

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