Is Israel's Haifa Bay Mermaid Frolicking In Pollution?

mermaid-israel-haifa photo mutation

According to Canada’s National Post and Britain’s Sky News Israel has a mermaid and she is causing quite a stir. The reported half female human, half dolphin creature has been sighted by sources independent of each other off the coast of Kiryat Yam in the Haifa Bay. There is a $1 million reward for anyone who can offer solid proof (the creature in their arms?).

Locals and tourists who’ve ‘seen’ her say she’s friendly and likes to frolic, and they swear it is not a hoax. It’s been a boon for tourism apparently.

My guess is that the toxic pollution in the Haifa Bay – some of the worst in Israel – has created some mutant form of dolphin.

And hey, if you do manage to get proof of the creature, consider donating the prize booty to cleaning up the Bay.

(Image via sallisoham)

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5 thoughts on “Is Israel's Haifa Bay Mermaid Frolicking In Pollution?”

  1. so rational. So down to earth. Congrats!

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  3. Ann says:

    Interesting article. I live in the Southwest USA, where there have been many sightings of UFO activity by multiple numbers of people over the years.

    This has contributed to tourism, but the majority of people who have seen anything that has to do with this simply don’t talk about it openly. There is just too much controversy attached to the subject. Hopefully the people who sighted this mer-creature won’t have to deal with the negative attention that can follow a
    “…sighting…” a creature who was formerly believed to be mythical.

    The “Haifa-bay-mermaid” might want to “…swim for her life…” right out of public view. Former encounters between humans & “…mer-creatures…” have led to less than pleasant consequences for either the mer-creature or the person who is encountered the mer-creature.

    For more information on this go to:

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