Lion Cub Shot Dead In Egypt

A lion cub belonging to a suspected criminal was shot dead during a police raid in Egypt The Egyptian police officers who raided the house of wanted suspect in the village of Kafr Essam in north Cairo were probably expecting some resistance but they definitely weren’t expecting a lion to be unleashed on them.  According […]


Live Baby Leopard Found In Suitcase En Route To Dubai

A sedated leopard cub less than two months old was among a variety of animals stashed in a suitcase bound for Dubai. Along with a monkey, gibbon, and bear, two sedated leopard cubs were found in an Emirati man’s suitcase at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand. All of the animals were younger than two months old. […]


Two Kuwaiti Men Get The Squeeze For UAE Python Smuggling Attempt

Forty green tree pythons headed for the UAE were confiscated in Indonesia over the weekend. Despite Interpol’s tough stance against trafficking, traffickers have no trouble finding customers in the Middle East. Karl Amman talked to us earlier this year about private wildlife collections in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle Eastern countries and last year […]


Interview: Illegal Wildlife Trafficking With Karl Ammann

Karl Ammann (center) explains why wildlife trade in the Middle East goes unregulated. In 2007, Karl Ammann appeared on Time Magazine’s Heroes of the Environment List, and for good reason. Since discovering 2,004 smoked primates and 1,000 fresh carcasses on board  Zaire river boats in1988, he has devoted his life to exposing both the bushmeat […]