Etrog jam recipe

The etrog is a stunning fruit. It's also known around the globe as citron ––but it's not to be confused with the French word "citron" which just means lemon. The etrog or citron is indeed a citrus fruit, so cousin to lemon and lime, but it's a world away from that tangyness and in its own class.

RECIPE: Herb-Crust Chicken Shnitzels

Chicken fillets pounded thin and fried are shnitzel in Israel. Miriam serves a healthier, herby, baked version. Sizzling summer weather takes away our appetite for anything but light, nutritious food. Coming in from the street feeling broiled ourselves, a quick, home-cooked meal is the answer. Like these organic chicken fillets. They’re  more interesting than the […]


Plagued By Mosquitoes? Greenopolis Blog Offers Help

Natural and effective mosquito repellents like marigolds might be growing in your own garden. I’m a mosquito’s favorite nosh. Even just attending my window sill plants on a summer day, I’ll be slapping at my ankles and cussing at the little stingers. Being wary of toxic pesticides that pollute the environment, I’m glad to read […]

Fresh figs with arak and cream

Light, fresh fruit is the sweet of choice to round off summer meals. Here’s a fresh fig dessert for adults to savor, and one that will delight children too. Figs come into Middle Eastern markets twice a year, in July and in September, but their seasons are always short.  We rush to get some organic […]

5 Israeli Fresh Food Markets – Traditional, Farmer's and Organic

Tel Aviv Carmel Market. Above image via esme Visitors to Israel’s best fruit and vegetable markets already know the country’s two most famous landmarks: The Carmel Market in Tel Aviv, which winds down from trendy Sheinkin Street right down the Mediterranean the Sea. And Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda market, which anthropologically speaking, is most interesting on […]


RECIPE: Soothing, Sensual Rosewater

The fragrance of roses is a Middle Eastern favorite for pastries and delights. This old-fashioned recipe shows how to make it yourself. Photo by Marlis1 via Flickr. In the Middle East, rose water scents pastries like Ma’amoul cookies, puddings, and clothes. It comes in tiny glass bottles if it’s concentrated, and in larger plastic bottles […]

Old McDonald Gets Farmigo Software to Manage His Organic Farm

Farmigo aims to improve day-to-day operations for small organic farms. More and more Israelis are joining the worldwide move to buying their fresh produce from small, organic farms (and CSAs – see our list). But because they’re farmers, and not necessarily businessmen, most of these family-run businesses aren’t being run on the most optimal level. […]


Natural, Organic Cough Medicine

Caught yourself a summer cold? Make this organic tea to control the cough. The Middle East is experiencing a strange transition from winter to summer. One day it’s hot, with a dry chamsin wind that sweeps in with a cloud of fine red dust. Bad news for asthmatics. The next day is cool, with a […]


Sage Advice on Natural Deodorants (7 Tips)

When it comes to a safe deodorant what are your options? Karin picks Weleda’s “Sage” deodorant as a good choice. But you have options. Read on. People like us who are concerned with the environment, apply the same basic common sense to our bodies, right? That’s why many environmentalists and even just every day folk […]