Springtime in Paris Means Khamsin Sandstorms in Amman


Springtime in Jordan brings ferocious sandstorms and a nose-clogging meteorological phenom called “khamsin”. Grab your Michael Jackson face masks and the decongestant of your choice, close the windows tight and stockpile tissues.  The dry, dusty winds of khamsin are blowing across the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa and right into your sinus canals. That image […]

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Look Out Germany! Saudi Arabia to Overtake You as Solar World Leader


Installation of a planned 20 GW of solar over the next 20 years will catapult Saudi Arabia to world leadership in solar Saudi Arabia has set a staggering national goal to have 20 GW (20,000MW) of solar generation installed over the next twenty years, according to Saudi officials speaking to CSP Today. Although there have […]

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Obama Tried to Get Saudis on Board at Copenhagen, Wikileaks Reveals


ClimateWire has revealed that leading up to the UN meeting at Copenhagen last December, the Obama administration leaned hard on the Saudis to get them to agree to the Copenhagen Accord. According to Wikileaks of private communications within the state department, the administration went right to the source of opposition to climate negotiations. The Saudis. […]

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