The Process of Swapping to Natural Deodorant

If you’ve ever switched from one personal care product brand to another, you know just how differently your body can react to a new product. From body lotions to makeup, sometimes making a product swap can be a big deal. One of the products that you probably swap often is deodorant. With all of the […]


Sugar Wax – a DIY ancient beauty secret

Sugar wax, sugaring or Persian waxing, whatever you want to call it there is an old, tried and true way to wax, naturally. Many beauty regimens do more harm than good as many products contain harsh chemicals including toxins, hormone disruptors and even pesticides!  That’s why we have scouted out an ancient Arabic beauty regimen that does […]


Tea Extract from Pakistan May Help Treat Breast Cancer

A tea made from a plant found in Pakistan, India, Africa and parts of Europe may help treat breast cancer, study suggests. Following our report on turmeric‘s benefits for natural breast health, science is finding more evidence for Mother Nature’s healing possibilities. According to, “scientists at Aston University and Russells Hall Hospital have discovered […]