Israeli Army Building Arms Factory Over Rare Wild Plants

Do tanks and wild flowers mix? Not according to Israel’s nature protection society. Israel Military Industries (IMI), which for years has had armament factories located close to dense population areas and as such has polluted area groundwater, is now on its way to exposing its environmental footprint even further. The organization is planning to build […]


What Bolivia And The Bedouin Have In Common

When Indigenous people rule, nature has rights. Bolivia will soon pass a law called “The Law of Mother Earth.” Under this law, the government decrees that nature has eleven rights similar to those enjoyed by human beings. The Law of Mother Earth is fully supported by the President, Evo Morales, whose party enjoys a majority […]


Abu Dhabi To Plant Sewage-Fed Forest By End Of 2011

Abu Dhabi leads the Gulf Region in environmental innovation. This time, a desert forest irrigated with treated wastewater. Last year we were somewhat alarmed that the UAE had ambitions to plant one million trees. Even though the carbon sponging benefits are potentially enormous, the water required to keep said trees alive might have overwhelmed the […]