How big is your digital carbon footprint?

Years ago, Green Prophet brought you a link to help calculate your carbon footprint, a free carbon calculator that summed up your carbon imprint in a matter of minutes, and benchmarked it against performances of the entire world. Back in 2012, nascent social media didn’t figure into the carbon equation. Come see how your digital life measures up. Your carbon footprint […]


Like Us on Facebook and Win an Organic Cotton Dress

It’s summertime, which means the ladies can finally break out their planet-friendly dresses and strut the streets in style, so we are giving you a chance to win the dress of your dreams from Greece’s very first organic clothing line. MuMu Organic is giving away one beautiful, handmade cotton dress made with the finest fair-trade […]


How Data Mining Turns You Into A Super Consumer

Visual clues about you are just the tip of the information iceberg. Your shopping habits can be made malleable by others through data mining. New York Times writer Charles Duigg wrote how Target predicted a teen’s pregnancy before her own father knew. He described a man demanding to speak to a superstore manager: “My daughter got this […]


Put Your Money Where Your “Like” Is

Philanthropic heavyweight to green and social organizations, Eliezer explains why pressing “Like” doesn’t convert support into donor dollars. It is time to say it loud and clear: I don’t like the “Lik”e. Did you hear me? I Do Not Like The Like. Don’t misunderstand me: I love when people love me, and I like it […]