Gaza’s New €10 Million Desalination Plant Will Fend Off Chronic Water Shortages


The EU plans to help fend off a growing water shortage in Gaza with a 10 million euro desalination plant. The European Union has pledged to build a €10 million desalination plant that will service Khan Yunis and Rafah in Gaza. This is a “medium-term” project designed to alleviate what is Gaza’s evolving water shortages. […]

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Israeli Black Globe Award Went to IEI for Oil Shale Agenda


The Elah Valley, which IEI hopes to use as testing grounds for oil shale extraction. The annual Israeli “Green Globe” award ceremony, hosted by the environmental umbrella organization Life and Environment, took place last Thursday where recipients included Minister of the Environment Gilad Arden.  That award ceremony is not all pats-on-the-back and positive recognition, however.  […]

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Gaddafi Promises Long War, Oil Up To $103 Per Barrel


After four decades of power, Gaddafi continues to drool over Libya’s oil. Unlike the former presidents of Egypt and Tunisia, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi has no intention of relinquishing control of his country. Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato) responded to his defiance over the weekend with a fractured Operation Odyssey Dawn, which resulted […]

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Flood Victims Get New Cars in Saudi

1,000 cars have been donated by the Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation to the recent Jeddah flood victims Heavy rainfall in Jeddah in Saudi this January led to the deaths of a reported four people and left hundreds more families stranded and distraught as they dealt with the flood. Although the floods in 2010 did not […]

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Jordan Reconsiders Deforestation Plans


The campaign to stop the destruction of 2,200 trees in Jordan’s Ajloun forest gathers pace as the government states it now will assess the environmental impact of the proposed development project In response to the demands of the ‘Halt Ajloun Deforestation’ campaign, the Jordanian government announced it will now carry out an assessment of the […]

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21 Years After US, Turkey Finally Bans Asbestos


Somewhat belatedly, Turkey bans the procurement and use of asbestos throughout Turkey. Asbestos was once considered the darling of building materials given its extraordinary resistance to heat, its absorbent qualities, and its tensile strength. Commonly used in roofing, tiles, paper production, ceiling and floor tiles, in packaging, and in gadgets, asbestos became popular in the […]

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Shale Company Responds To David de Rothschild’s Oil Shale Concerns


Responding to David de Rothschild’s concerns, IEI attempts to convince Lord Jacob Rothschild that oil shale is good for Israel. Read all about in a letter Green Prophet obtained. Following our much publicized open letter to David de Rothschild, who is in the running to become National Geographic Adventurer of 2010, Green Prophet was interviewed […]

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Open Letter To David de Rothschild: Stop Your Family’s Oil Shale Exploration


In the next few days, a pilot project to test destructive oil shale extraction, backed with money from the Rothschilds and billionaire Robert Murdoch (who owns Fox News), is slated to begin. We call on David Rothschild to intervene on Adullam’s behalf. Dear David: We have followed your Plastiki initiative with great interest, but now […]

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