Expats claim UAE is diet-proof

Exercise in the United Arab Emirates: If more people did it, maybe the UAE wouldn’t be the 18th fattest country in the world. Photo by The National. With the United Arab Emirates boasting one of the world’s highest obesity rates, expatriates working there complain that their adopted country is packing on their pounds. Abu Dhabi-based […]


Taga's Chic, Slick, Inner City Ride, Kids Included

Taga’s “transformer” bike-stroller converts quickly to match the pace and space of urban living. But one Green Prophet reader asks: Where are those kids’ helmets? If you liked reading about Taga’s hybrid bike-stroller on Green Prophet, here’s an update: Urban parents are all too familiar with the hassles of driving and parking in the city. […]


New Israel Vehicle Green Tax Stiffs Hybrids

A new Israeli government “green tax”, scheduled to come into effect next month on new imported cars, is being contested by car importers, and is apparently headed to the High Court of Justice, Israel’s Supreme Court. The new tax ordinance, already signed by Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, and on the desk of Transport Minister Israel […]


Vauban, the German Suburb without Cars

Do you ever get the feeling that every time you close your eyes, someone in Europe is doing something brilliant for the environment? Well, the residents of Vauban, Germany live in a suburb where most streets are off-limits to cars and the shops are mixed in with housing. The town’s 5,500 people are packed into […]


Powerful 150hp Natural Gas Sedan From Iran

Iran Khodro, a Peugeot partner for producing its line of  405 and 206D sedans, announced the production of what it claims is the world’s most powerful natural gas engine at 150 hp.  The engine runs on compressed natural gas (CNG), and is supposed to comply with the EURO 4 emission standards.  It will first be installed in the Samand […]


Winter Gas Savings

Cold is on its way in, as tends to happen this time of year, and along with it different driving conditions. Rain and snow seriously inhibit a car’s performance and with it the mileage. Here are a several tips to help you save for these upcoming months: Tune up! Make sure that everything is in […]


Life in the Suburbs

On of the most depressing bus rides I have ever taken in Israel was a late-night local from Kfar Saba to Tel Aviv. In addition to its sheer length (an hour and a half ride for a trip that should take 40 minutes), the bus went from suburb to suburb, revealing identical buildings and streetscapes […]


Car2Go brings car sharing to Tel Aviv

It was bound to happen, sooner or later.  After the kibbutz – the classic Israeli collective community where members shared everything – urban car sharing services were only a hop, skip, and a car engine purr away. Thanks to new Israeli company, Car2go, the concept of car sharing (which has already enjoyed great success all over […]


Greening Your Car – Tuneups

Getting regular tune-ups, maintenance and having clean air filters will help you burn less gas, pollute less, save money and prevent car trouble down the line. Lighten the load, the less you shlepp the less gas your burn. Get the extra junk out of your trunk.


Cautious Driving Saves The Environment Too

Use Your Brakes Less, Don’t Accelerate Quickly. Look far down the road ahead, even if “far” means half a city block.  Get into position for turn-lanes smoothly and early so that you don’t have to accelerate to get in front of traffic.  Remember that the guy who leaves the stoplight the quickest also pays more […]


Green Your Car – Tires

Make sure you have good tires. Different tires affect you MPG in different ways. When you’re in the market for new tires, look for the ones that help give you the best mileage. Once you have the right tire don’t forget about proper inflation! Too much or too little can significantly effect your MPG as […]