FoEME to Hold Conference on Shared Mountain Aquifer

Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) is a longtime advocate of sustainability and environmental peacebuilding in the region.  Fresh off the pages of Time Magazine, where FoEME’s directors were recently named Heroes of the Environment 2008, FoEME is hosting a conference next week as part of the Pro-Aquifer project. Over the past two years, […]


Israeli Army Tries to Go Green

When thinking about the Israeli army (or any other army, for that matter) becoming more “green” or environmentally conscious, skepticism is unfortunately the first thing that comes to mind.  Military activity is nasty business, leaving detrimental traces on human relationships, governmental spending, and the environment – to name a few. Which is why a recent […]


European Union to Help Protect Palestinian Environment

For Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, lack of infrastructure is a big obstacle for protecting the environment.  Old and malfunctioning infrastructure (or often none at all!) for properly managing things like solid waste and sewage is a major threat to the Palestinian (and Israeli!) environment. Luckily, however, the European Union announced earlier this […]


Environmental Delegation Takes a Deeper Look at Israel's Complexities

Since 1982, the American Jewish Communities’ Project Interchange has been giving a first-hand introduction of Israel and its regional historical and contemporary challenges to current and future United States and international leaders. This past mission has been focused on the greens. Just five weeks into the job Stephanie Hillman, Greenpeace Mediterranean’s brand new project director, […]


Dog poop DNA takes doodie off the strees

City councils world-wide are watching as municipal workers in the Israeli city of Petach Tikva are DNA-testing dog droppings in order to identify and fine irresponsible pet owners. Update in 2021: the pilot project has come to life in Tel Aviv. Under a six-month trial program residents are being asked to voluntarily bring their dogs […]


Rishon Lezion Schools Walk for the Environment

If you live near a school, then you know what 8 am and afternoon pick up times mean for the environment.  With all of those parents driving their individual children to and from school, the carbon emissions associated with getting elementary, middle, and high school students to school can be pretty detrimental. Not only is […]