Understanding the Environmental Benefits of Car Removal

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Do you have an unwanted car sitting in your yard? Perhaps you have more than one. Those rusting hulks are certainly eyesores, but did you know that they could actually be causing damage to the environment? However, there’s a solution that will get you cash for cars in Perth, but also allow you to protect the planet. What should you know about the effects of unwanted vehicles on the environment and how might you be able to get cash for yours?

The Spread of Petroleum Hydrocarbons

Whether that junk car used diesel, or it was equipped with a petrol engine, the fact is that it is introducing petroleum hydrocarbons into the environment. These hydrocarbons are emitted by any product that includes or was made using petroleum or petroleum products, and can include petrol, diesel fuel, engine oil, tyres, and more. Petroleum hydrocarbons are toxic to many forms of life, particularly to aquatic life, and often make their way into an area’s water system where they wreak havoc.

Introduction of Dangerous Acids

You might not think it to look at the average passenger vehicle, but acids play a major role in their manufacture and operation. For instance, pop the bonnet and you’ll find acid within the car battery. You’ll also find acids in the solvent used in the windshield washer. These are harmful to all forms of life, and can make their way into the soil and water.

Pollution from Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are dangerous to all forms of life, including humans. They can also accrete within some organisms, such as fish and shellfish, and then transmit those heavy metals to animals that prey on those species (including humans). This is one reason that national governments recommend that we watch our intake of tuna – all fish species in the wild today contain high levels of mercury, a dangerous heavy metal. Additional heavy metals, including lead, zinc, and arsenic can leach from a junk car into your yard and the area’s watershed.

By earning cash for cars in Perth, you are able to prevent these threats from having a greater impact on the local environment. Of course, it helps to know more about how these dangers are spread from your unwanted car to the surrounding area.

How Are These Threats Spread?

There are two primary ways that the eco-dangers we listed above can spread in the environment. One of those is through direct contact. For instance, if the oil pan on the car has a leak, oil could continue to drip from that location onto the ground below the car, slowly spreading in the soil.

Another way that these threats spread, and one that is both more frightening and insidious, is through storm water runoff. When it rains, water rushes across the soil. It washes detritus away into gullies, culverts, and then into streams and rivers. Water also carries these dangers into the soil itself, where they can make their way into the underground water table. Here, these toxins can penetrate our drinking water, as well as migrate back to the surface into streams and rivers.

Reusing to Reduce Material Demand

When you get cash for cars in Perth, you are able to do more than just eliminate potential threats from the environment. You are able to reduce the demand for many raw materials. Quite a few components on the average car can be recycled and turned into new products. Tyres can be recycled, old engine oil can be cleaned and reused, even old batteries can be recycled – the lead within them, while toxic to most forms of life, is an essential component for any sort of battery.

As you can see, getting cash for cars in Perth can help your financial situation, but it can also provide a significant benefit to the environment.

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