Energy drinks illegal for under 20s in this Arab country?

Battling obesity and illnesses like diabetes and hypertension this Arab country is now looking to ban the sale of energy drinks to minors, teens and young adults until the age of 20. All energy drinks will be banned for sale to those under 20 starting January 2015 according to some sources. 

The ban still under review according to the Gulf News would be four years higher than the previous ban of 16, is issued by the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Economy.

Energy drinks are not just packed with dizzying amounts of sugar. They act as an intoxicant due to the high levels of caffeine in them – a drug that affects both physical and mental functioning.

In the UAE the ban will be enforced with a fine, around $30,000 for anyone who sells the drinks to minors. They will also be banned for sale in hospitals, schools and any education-related building.

Juliot Vinolia, a clinical dietician and consultant nutritionist in Dubai, said that enforcing an age limit is “one of the best ways” to protect teen health: “Children are ignorant of the dangers of energy drinks. Children have to remember that they are designed only for adults who are involved in strenuous physical activity that calls for more minerals and vitamins,” she added

If you aren’t convinced that energy drinks are bad for your health, read our story on 5 reasons why you should avoid energy drinks.

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