The mailman is a drone in this Middle East country [video]

drone mail united arab emirates
Some countries like Canada are trying to say goodbye to human-delivered postal mail forever. But a new initiative from the United Arab Emirates puts a little 21st Century technology into the old mail carrier.

Video of drone mailman in pilot run

According to Reuters the Emirates will upgrade its government services by using drones, unmanned flying vehicles to deliver official packages and papers. The oil-rich Gulf state is home to about 8 million people and plans on test running the drone delivery system over the next six months. The hot climate and heavy sandstorms will be a major obstacle for the drone delivery.

“This is the first project of its kind in the world,” said Mohammed al-Gergawi, minister of cabinet affairs.

What will they be used for? Probably for delivering identity cards, driving licenses and other documents.

Measuring about 1-1/2 feet across, the drones will use will use fingerprint and eye-recognition technology for security purposes.

Amazon announced that they would be delivering goods by drones this last Christmas season.

I personally like the old fashion way of slow mail – a system that employs people and keeps the old ways of connecting us through hand-delivered goods.

Showmanship is very much part of the Emirati culture, where bling and mega-buildings and artificial islands are meant to outshine and outsize. This is where you’ll  find white-gold Mercedes and the world’s tallest tower; it’s a place where princes keep wild animals as pets (see this video on the prince who keeps a white tiger cub).

Drones are just another way for the UAE to keep up with the “droneses” from America, I suspect.

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