Why We Need an Earth Architecture Revolution (VIDEO)

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Find out what it takes to build your home and neighborhood, and then find out about the latest developments in earth architecture. Which is better? You be the judge.

Most people agree that having shelter is one of the most fundamental human needs, but for more privileged communities around the globe, a basic necessity has evolved into one of the most destructive industries on earth. Put together by the folks at SIREWALL, the video below describes in just a few crucial details exactly how the construction industry is destroying the planet: how much energy the industry uses, how many trees are sacrificed in the process, and how much waste is generated as a result. It also lists the motley of chemicals that we inadvertently store within our walls. You’ll never look at your house the same way after watching one of the most important clips to hit the architecture world.

The numbers are staggering, particularly since for over 1,000 years, we have had knowledge of a different but recently overlooked methodology that has always respected nature’s boundaries – earth architecture. And while it doesn’t behoove us to revert to past practices, we absolutely need an architectural/cultural/design revolution that can at least learn from it.

There are many excellent examples of earth architecture in the Middle East, including Hassan Fathy’s work, the Beehives of Syria, and Yemen’s gorgeous clay castles. But SIREWALL has perfected a rammed earth system that is exceptionally more sturdy, energy efficient, and easy to use than any other material on the market.

Better still: none of the Volatile Organic Compounds are present in these homes and offices, nor any other cancer-causing chemicals, and they are beautiful.

Although this company is not based in the Middle East, SIREWALL offers an extensive body of useful information on their website, as well as courses. Also included are galleries depicting numerous residential and commercial projects that meet the highest architectural and environmental standards.

Anyone who is interested in sustainable architecture will benefit from visiting SIREWALL, and once you’ve finished reading their statistics, all of the absurd, irresponsible building projects taking place in our region will drive you so nuts, you’ll want to do something about it.

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One thought on “Why We Need an Earth Architecture Revolution (VIDEO)”

  1. Paul Tingley says:

    You are using sensationalist garbage to promote your product. If it’s so environmentally friendly, you don’t have to make outrageous claims about something you obviously know little about. Anyone who states that Forestry is one of the most destructive industry on earth is either totally misguided or out of touch with reality. In responsible Forestry environments, more trees are grown than were cut in the first place, carbon is sequestered in wood frame buildings, and younger trees take more co2 out of the atmosphere…I could go on. You should be comparing growing trees back to clear cutting the land and covering it with houses. Then we will see who does more destruction.

    If you continue to use this kind of negative marketing, it will hurt your business because there are many people who know better.

    I don’t doubt you have a good product but I just can’t abide irresponsible comments like that- you do a disservice to those that strive for a better Environment within

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