5 Spectacular Eco Mosques Of The World

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Green Prophet loves to cover where eco meets faith and the Middle East. Zaufishan puts together a handy list of five of the world’s most beautiful eco-mosques.

1. Albania’s “Mosque For All” designed by BIG features an inside-outdoor shaded Islamic centre, promoting religious harmony through Quran Gardens and a unique intersecting square design.

2. The Green Mosque, which was awarded Best Freestanding Religious Structure in the Faith in Place competition in Chicago, incorporates a library, education center, lecture halls, and a soup kitchen. Is this the world’s greenest mosque?

eco-mosque cambridge photo prayer hall
3. The United Kingdom’s largest environmentally-friendly mosque in Cambridge adopts energy saving techniques. Architect Marks Barfield will be designing the £13 million eco mosque on a 0.4 hectare site in Cambridge embedded within some of the region’s most beautiful scenic views. Read the Green Prophet exclusive on England’s eco mosque.

4. The Great Mosque in Mali is just one of the world’s hand built mud buildings that are increasingly considered as options for low-carbon and low-cost construction. Yemen boasts the magnificent ‘Manhattan of the Desert’ mosque and Iran is home to the Bam citadel. Check out more Middle Eastern beauties and mud architecture.

ray of light mosque 1
5. Nicknamed the “Ray of Light,” this unusually shaped entry for the Dubai Mosque Competition is illuminated with LEDs, designed to minimise energy use and metaphysically segregate worshippers by a ray of light (most Muslim places of worship include separate prayer spaces for men and women). Image:: Eco Friend

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