How to combat cold callers the eco way

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Time wasting, and cutting down your productivity. Selling you services you don’t want! This following scenario has certainly happened to you more than once, we’re sure, and it is sure to be a scenario that will have annoyed you at best. You’re sat at home, minding your own business, when the phone rings. You answer it, and it’s someone trying to sell you something that you really don’t want to be sold. You politely say ‘no thank you’, and you hang up. The same thing happens the next day, and the next day, and the next days. Those cold callers are nothing but persistent, and despite the annoyance factor, it has the potential to take your relaxing evening from fun to dreary within a minutes.

Whilst there is a number you can call to block persistent cold callers from contacting your listed number (depending upon your country of residence), this is never 100% effective; there is always one, which gets through! So, how can you identify that persistent caller and ensure they never bother you again? It can be done, have faith!

There is a rather handy search tool and function called phone number lookup. This is useful for a variety of different spying missions, to be flippant about it, but it is also perfect for finding out who that persistent caller is, without having to answer the phone and go through your polite but firm (becoming persistently more annoyed) ‘no thank you’ speech.

It goes a little like this.

Ignore the call, turn down the volume on your phone if you have to, but don’t answer it. Record the number by simply jotting it down, and then look up the number on a search register. There is a fee for this service, but it is totally worth it for the peace and quiet at the end of the process. The search results will yield more than just who is calling you; you will be able to find out the address of the caller, who they are, who they belong to (company, etc), what they sell, and a variety of other useful facts that you can use to basically block them from your phone.

Boom, no calls ever again from that number!

This function also has other fun uses, e.g. you can utilise its power to find out addresses for offices and stores you need to visit, when you only have a contact number.

Cold callers are a pain in the behind, that’s for sure, and whilst most companies have upgraded their reach out mission to emails, rather than calls, there is the odd one or two that stick to the old fashioned methods. These are the most persistent ones, because whilst you can redirect an email to your ‘spam’ folder, never to see the light of day again, there’s not a whole lot you can do with a phone that won’t stop ringing. If they are constantly persistent however, and it becomes a real problem, note down the number and report them. That’s one sure fire way to shut them up!


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