Car drifter king goes to prison in Saudi Arabia

drifting into crowds saudi arabia
If you’ve never been to a Gulf-region country – be prepared to scratch your head over the deadly past-time called drifting. The idea is to take your cars out of their carports and then drive your car as fast as possible on the highway, slam on the breaks and then attempt to frighten onlookers and fellow drivers on the road by drifting or sliding your car towards them. People sometimes get killed or badly injured.

This is more likely the reason why women in Saudi Arabia don’t drive. They are too smart to share the road with such losers.

But in all seriousness, offenders caught drifting in Saudi Arabia were rarely punished until now.

Setting an example, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has now clamped down by arresting the drifting legend who calls himself King Al Nadheem, according to recent news reports. This King is reported to have killed one person, while putting the lives of many others in danger and faces 6 years in prison and hundreds of lashes.

What astonishes us though is not just the idiotic and dangerous sport of drifting, but the fact that enthusiastic onlookers clap with glee as these morons slide their cars along the highway.

This is what happens when you have too much money and free gas subsidies on your hands.

People in cars. Drifting or drunk, or drunk while drifting. This world has gone mad.

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