Looks Like Desertec & Morocco’s Govt Might Join Hands

solar energy, desertec, moroccoThe Moroccan government may lean on Desertec to meet its renewable energy commitments.

The Desertec Industrial Initiative (DII) has signed a cooperation agreement with the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (Masen) to help enable exports of Morocco’s vast renewable energy reserves to Europe. The Desertec initiative is designed to develop North Africa’s latent renewable energy potential in part to secure Europe’s cleaner energy future.

Until now, DII’s ambitions have been separate from Morocco’s national solar plan to produce 2GW of solar energy by 2020. The new agreement to generate a European market for Moroccan energy suggests that perhaps the Moroccan government hopes to lean on DII to meet its own commitments.

DII has plans to build the first of three reference projects in Morocco. The second will be built in either Algeria, Egypt, or Tunisia. Meanwhile, Masen has already pinpointed four potential bidders to construct Morocco’s first 125MW concentrated solar plant. There’s a good chance the two groups will join forces.

“Ultimately it depends on the Moroccan side and Masen as to whether there’s a connection with us and their solar plan,” DII spokesman Klaus Schmidtke told Recharge.

Giving it an official seal, the DII/Masen pact was signed in the presence of King Mohammed VI. The royal family is expected to have a fairly significant influence over how the DII project proceeds given that the Moroccan member of the Munich-based consortium, Nareva Holding, is mostly controlled by the country’s royal family.

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