WATEC and 9 Israel-related Cleantech Headlines, Week of November 8, 2009

rain water conservation

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to Israel to sign a renewable energy R&D cooperation agreement with the Israeli government and the fifth annual WATEC international water exhibition kicked off in Tel Aviv. For these stories and the rest of the nine headlines from the past week, check below.

Deep sea aquaculture startup prepares for harvest
WATEC comes to town
Brazil to learn water saving from Israel for Rio 2016
Mekorot officials: Not enough funding for water purification projects

Jewish Israelis and Jewish Americans Look to US-Israel Cooperation To Break Oil Dependence
Israel Going Green
Yissum Introduces a Novel, Environmentally-Friendly Method for Preventing and Affecting Biofilm of Bacteria and Fungi
UNEP Europe head ponders Israel’s ‘solar paradox’

California’s Governator In Israel To Sign Clean Tech Co-op Deal

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