Lots of Sunshine Power in the Holy Land as China and Israel Complete Solar Plant

Laying Solar Panels Israel’s northern town of  Katzrin is the first town in Israel to receive its electricity from solar energy with the installation of a 50 KW “rooftop” solar power plant.

The solar installation was installed by a cooperative agreement between the Chinese Sun Tech Power Holdings, based in Wuxi China, and Ramat Gan based Solarit Doral, which develops commercial and private solar energy projects.

When in full operation, the plant is expected to generate around 85,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, and surplus electricity will be sold back to the national electricity grid for NS 2.01 per KWH, which amounts to about $0.55 US. Cleantech reported on the start of the project last year.

The joint agreement is an example of joint economic projects now going on between both Israel and China. Sun Tech Power Holdings, which specializes in the manufacture of solar energy roof tiles for private homes and commercial enterprises, is also involved in projects with American companies, including the California based Open Energy company, which will manufacture under license the SolarSave line of 50-watt, 4-foot solar roof tiles.

Solarit Doral is a subsidiary of the Doral Group, and specializes in solar energy projects for homes, condominiums and also large energy projects. Solarit Doral also works with other solar energy companies, including Schott Solar and their American subsidiary, Schott Solar Inc. Schott specializes in designing esthetically appealing photovoltaic solar panels for a variety of applications – especially private homes.

On-going renewable energy projects such as the one in Katzrin and several now southern Israel are part of an overall goal to supply at least 20% of Israel’s total energy needs using renewable energy by the year 2020. With a high return on investment, from 10 to 14% investors from around the world are looking to be part of the Israeli sunshine.

There appears to be no website link for Solarit. In the meantime enjoy our solar energy guide.

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