Plunge Away!

The other day I was showering and when I stepped out of the shower I found that my house had showered with me. Hair had gotten stuck in the drain and backed up the water forcing it to exit out all over my floor! It was a nightmare. (These things usually happen right before company comes.) After freaking out for a minute or ten (probably ten seconds but it feels like ten when water is pouring out everywhere)

I finally was able to think clearly and grabbed the plunger from next to my toilet. I usually typecast the handy plunger for using only in the comfort station but I decided to give it a try. It worked great! And with no nasty chemicals!

Since then I have cleaned my plunger well and have used in many sinks and drains.

Chemical drain cleaners are among the most dangerous household products–hardly a shocker, since these lye-based formulas are meant to dissolve plugs of grease, soap, hair, and ground-up food. Yet most don’t clear undersink clogs as well as old-fashioned mechanical methods, including the humble plunger.

There are many alternatives to the messy chemical solutions that are popularly used today. One example is the drain king sink declogger, uses no electricity, just pressure! And now in Israel too!

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Source: Consumer Report

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