Greater Amman Municipality Introduces Recycling in Amman

Jordan Amman recycling trash

As the population of Amman, capital of Jordan increases, so does the amount of trash produced per day. The most recent estimate is that over the summer, the amount of garbage produced daily in Amman will increase to 750 tons.

In an effort to stem the tide, the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) in cooperation with the Jordan Environment Society are spearheading a new initiative to recycle solid waste.

Until now, the capital’s garbage has been dumped in the Ghabawi landfill. The new Collection and Segregation of Solid Waste project will both introduce the recycling method into the handling of garbage, and expand the capacity of the city’s landfills.

The project is now in the first phase, and will feature 1,000 recycling bins in various districts of Amman. GAM officials have stated that there will be a promotional campaign throughout Amman to encourage citizens to participate in recycling.

The success of the project is crucial: If recycling catches on in the selected districts, more bins will be installed in other areas of the city.

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::The Jordan Times

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7 thoughts on “Greater Amman Municipality Introduces Recycling in Amman”

  1. Emanuela Fatima Ferrari says:

    I regularly do recycling tin, paper, cardboard and plastic in Amman (I am an Italian living here for 18 years now), I bring my parcels to the Recycling center near Cozmo’s supermarket; but unfortunately no one can tell me where to bring glass. Has anybody an answer to this?

  2. Zlata says:

    I’ve recently arrived to Amman and will be here for a few months. The company I am working for is interested in recycling and I need all the help I can get in identifying ways in which it can be done. The company is close to Jordan University North Gate. Starting recycling would be my small contribution to this beautiful city, before I return to Australia. Does anyone know if we can get recycling bins? Where? Can they be collected or we need to take them somewhere? Is this for free or is there a charge involved? How do we know our recycling is not going to be dumped at some tip along everything else?

  3. Mark says:

    Thank you, Karin,

    I have located recycling bins at the COZMO store near the Ministry of Labour (7th circle area). Since I live in Abdoon El-Shemali, bringing my recycling to COZMO provides me with a good excuse to go for a walk!

    I will be watching for other locations, and will post here if I find them.

    1. Can you send us a picture of what they look like?

  4. Mark says:

    I am living in West Amman and am looking for a way to recycle household waste (glass, plastic, cardboard etc.)

    If anyone knows where I can send/bring my recycling, please email: [email protected]

    1. Mark, I am asking all our writers. If anyone can help you, they will email you directly. Meanwhile I will keep my eyes open. Watch Green Prophet for updates.

  5. Hanna says:

    I am living in Amman and greatly interested in such a project.. Sadly, I haven’t seen any of this implemented so far!

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