Etsy: The Ebay for Handmade Goods

A great place for marketing your handmade goods is the online arts and crafts website, Etsy. While standing in the rain selling your wares at arts markets, like Nachalat Binyamin can be fun, it can also be extremely time-consuming and boring.

Take our word for it. We’ve been there. Enter Etsy:

The online trading fare, which resembles an Ebay for arts and crafts without the bidding element, has reached a critical mass, with over 100,000 virtual store-owners around the world. If you do a search for “Israel,” you’ll find a number of sellers already make and ship from Israel. The prices tend to be a little high for our tastes, but if you couldn’t find that perfect mezuza or chamsah while out at the market, consider ordering it online.

We think Etsy is a great place for Israel’s sustainable designers and craftspeople to set up shop. It looks like it can expand one’s clientele base greatly; Israel is a small country and it’s hard to live off the hand-knit hats and scarves, or homemade coffee mugs, when you sell them in shekels.


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