Plant a Tree for Me in Israel With The Jewish National Fund

It’s really romantic to carve your lover’s name on a tree. But let’s admit, it’s so last century!

An even more romantic gesture, to show your love for ______ [insert name/s], would be to plant a tree in his or her name. And the act would even offset carbon emissions. Rather than going on a rogue journey into the forests alone, you can do it through the Jewish National Fund (JNF). They’ll give you a snazzy certificate to boot.

Since it became a state, Israel has had a national policy of greening the land.

There is no other country in the world, that has more trees now than it did 100 years ago.

We think that other nations of the world have a lot to learn from Israel and we are not just saying that because we love it here.

Here are some goodies from the JNF’s site:

From Goren Park in the north to Yatir and Lahav Forests in the Negev, JNF (or KKL in Israel) has planted some 220 million trees over and area of 800,000 dunams (200,000 acres, 80,000 ha).

Since the planting of the first tree at Ben Shemen in 1908, forests have played a significant historical role. First and foremost, they protected the national land purchased with funds from the Jewish People for the establishment of a Jewish state in the land of Israel.

Today, KKL-JNF continues to develop forests and make them welcoming, and you are invited to share in this work to help paint the land ever

Since this year is the Sabbatical year, the tree will only be planted next year. Let’s hope your love lasts that long 🙂

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