If Saturn Were as Close to Earth as the Moon

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Imagine looking out your window every day and seeing Saturn like this. In a recent photo series, space artist Ron Miller does the imagining for us by depicting this and other planets as if they were located as close to Earth as the Moon.

Formerly NASA’s Art Director, Ron Miller specializes in applying his imagination and scientific understanding to space imagery, and his work is absolutely mind-boggling.

For this project, he calculated how large this and other planets in the solar system would appear to us if they were as close to our planet as the moon, and then digitally created visuals that put the size of each into perspective for us.

In order to do this, he took a photograph of a full moon over Death Valley, and then transposed scaled images of each planet with that same view, and the affect is nothing short of breathtaking.

Our view of Jupiter and Saturn would be particularly amazing. And though we love our moon, we can’t help but notice that it’s tiny in comparison.

If the experiment were real, and we really did have such a closeup view of the planets in our solar system, we would have an entirely different relationship with the night sky, Jason told the Daily Mail.

“‘We would all feel a lot more humble with Jupiter’s presence constantly looking over us,” he said.

Miller has a humble website, Black Cat Studios, and we think it’s because his work and portfolio speak for themselves.

“In addition to providing artwork for many magazine and book publishers, I’m the author, co-author or editor of some fifty-odd books (some odder than others), including several novels,” writes Miller.

“I’ve also designed postage stamps and worked on motion pictures as a production designer and special effects artist.”

Head over to The Atlantic for a look at photos of other planets in Miller’s incredible photo series, and then be sure to stop in at Black Cat Studios for a closer look at some of his other graphic art.

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