Climate Change Poses Threat to Egypt’s Farming, Tourism, Water Supply (Video)

This light-hearted clip bears a serious warning of what Egypt might look like in 2150. Climate change threatens to drastically reduce Egypt’s agricultural production and water supplies, the head of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency’s climate change unit warned in an interview with Reuters. El Sayed Sabry also noted that key tourist destinations are at risk.

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Egypt Government to Invest in Wind, From $110 Billion Renewable Energy Budget


It can get windy over there in Egypt. Now, Egypt plans on making renewable energy 20% of its national energy goals. The Egyptian government has announced plans to generate 1,000 megawatts of wind power this year. Speaking at the energy forum for the Middle East and North Africa 2010, Egypt’s Electricity Minister Hassan Younis said […]

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Egypt Nears Completion of Hybrid Solar Thermal Plant


Solar field at Kuraymat, Egypt is now fully assembled. Image via Ra, the sun god of the ancient Egyptians, would be proud: Egypt’s first large-scale solar thermal facility is nearing completion. A parabolic trough solar field, incorporating nearly 2,000 collector units and covering 130,000 square meters, has been installed at the Kuraymat project site, […]

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Egypt Tries to Attract Eco-Tourists to Sharm el-Sheikh With Promises of Carbon Neutrality


[image via: robert_hornung] Sharm el-Sheikh, in the Sinai region of Egypt, has been a thriving tourist location for decades due to its incredible beaches and vast coral reefs.  Its great attraction to tourists has also been its downfall, however.  The reefs are currently under threat due to the dust caused by erosion. With tourism accounting […]

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Tap Into North Africa and Middle East Solar Opportunities at MENASOL


Destertec and Masdar (above) are heating up solar energy opportunities in the Middle East. Tap into this new energy at the 2nd Annual MENASOL conference, this year in Egypt. Image via Masdar website. Green Prophet wants to remind you about MENASOL –– the major solar energy conference taking place in Cairo, Egypt this May. You can […]

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