A DIY Build Your Own Electric Car

Mod your petrol-run car – and make it electric! A lot of car buyers today are interested in cutting their carbon footprint – that’s why they want to purchase both hybrid and electric cars. Hybrids (Karen writes about the pleasures of owning a Prius), are a combination of  both a gasoline and electric power source. […]


Greening Hajj and Madina for the Muslim World

Madinah’s Prophets Mosque:Roll out the green carpet and let the deep greening of the Muslim world begin. The Muslim Hajj for 2009 is already over, and most of the nearly 3 million participants have returned to their countries of origin. But even before the pilgrimage began, representatives of major world religions met in London to try to use […]


Are Israeli Emission Controls Hopeless?

Without any change in policy, Israel may be heading to double its current emissions by 2030. According to the Jerusalem Post, a study commissioned by Israel’s Minister of the Environment Gilad Erdan (left) and executed by the McKinsey consulting firm found that Israel’s problem is high population growth coupled with rising standards of living. The […]


Meet Israel’s Green Bedouin Ahmed Amrani

The first thing visitors to the Bedouin town of Rahat notice is the litter. Household garbage lies strewn at the sides of treeless streets. When the wind picks up, plastic bags, newspapers and sacks billow across the surrounding desert wasteland. Discarded construction materials mar the landscape. “First you have to understand why they throw litter […]


Have a Sweet and Green Rosh Hashanah

With the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) coming up this week, many of us are reflecting on the past year and making resolutions for the next.  These resolutions may include ways to treat ourselves better, ways to be better to those around us, and ways to make a more positive impact on our surroundings. Making […]


Taga Hybrid Bike-Stroller and 8 Israel-related Cleantech Headlines, Week of August 16, 2009

During the week of August 16, 2009, researchers from Ben Gurion University began taking steps towards commercializing their cheaper method of reverse-osmosis desalination to clean dirty groundwater. GreenProphet covered Taga’s hybrid bicycle and baby stroller in one and Globes reported on plans to install solar energy systems at Ben Gurion Airport. For these stories and […]


5 Must-See Green & Tech Travel Stops at Israeli Kibbutzes

In past Green Prophet articles, we’ve visted Kibbutzes in Israel’s Negev region — ones involved in environmental and renewable energy projects. Negev’s Arava- Arabah in Arabic –  region north of Eilat) we take you on a journey visiting 5 of them. While some of these are specializing in one type of project, like solar energy, others […]