BrightSource Energy One Step Closer to World’s Largest Solar Plant


If the California public approves, Brightsource Energy will proceed to construction in the Fall despite rare desert tortoise Although BrightSource Energy pulled out of the Ashelim tender in the Negev desert, they are relentless elsewhere. Plans to build the world’s largest solar power plant in the Californian section of the Mojave Desert moves one step […]

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Participate in Greenpeace and jovoto’s Design Competition, “Creativity for the Energy Revolution”


Help Greenpeace and jovoto bring renewable energy to Germany with awesome graphic design Are you a creative designer looking to use your aesthetic powers towards eco-friendly means?  Greenpeace and jovoto’s joint design contest, Creativity for the Energy Revolution, is a good place to start.  The competition attempts to use cool design to spread the message […]

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Architectural Design To Memorialize Assault On Free Speech In Turkey


Although they only received 2nd place in Turkey’s national design competition, 1/1 Architecture combines “green” with culture in this stunning design True green architecture is rarely an end in itself. Many architects creating ecologically sensitive designs with a view toward sustainability have either a political underpinning, like Omar Yousef’s work, or a social motive, like […]

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Azouri Brothers Eco-Tower Planned for Tel Aviv


The First Phase of Tel Aviv’s first “Green” high rise to be completed in January [image via] Although the Middle Eastern sustainable development agenda lags behind the western world, several recent developments and innovations demonstrate that we can keep pace. Studied Impact in Dubai has designed a renewable power plant that is fit for […]

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Israel Cleantech Intelligence: Motorized Bikes and 9 More Headlines


New water conservation faucets, solar-powered residential construction, Red-Dead Canal protests and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech and the environment. Image via n0nick. During the week of July 13, 2010, researchers from Ben-Gurion University received the first US – Israel energy independence grant for their light water reactor research. Motorized bikes are catching on in […]

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Israel Cleantech Intelligence: Energy Reduction and 9 More Headlines


Tigo Energy’s latest development agreement, mobile desalination competition, top Israeli fresh food markets and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech and the environment. Image via david55king. During the week of July 6, 2010, TaKaDu continued to attract the attention of venture capitalists interested in smart water monitoring. National Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau announced a new […]

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GE Ecomagination Centre in Masdar City


Abu Dhabi’s oil wealth funds energy infrastructure transformation with General Electric at the helm. In 2005, a light bulb went off for GE, which pledged to spend $1.5 billion on alternative technology by 2010.  Their Ecomagination department eclipsed that goal in 2009 and has recently committed a further $10billion to the cause. Masdar City in […]

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GreenRoad and 9 Israel-Related Headlines, Week of June 15, 2010


Natural gas in Israel, desalination plants, a new Palestinian-Israeli wind venture and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech and the environment. Image via GreenRoad. During the week of June 15, 2010, GreenRoad, which offers solutions for improved driving, won an award from Frost & Sullivan for its excellence in green technology. Israel continues to be […]

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Clean Tech Dreaming With Sleep Deprivation in Helsinki, Finland


A market in Helsinki shows the “nature” of this cold country. Can Finland translate to the Middle East? Karin, in Finland, asks. “Wear underwear over your eyes,” suggested Michael Kanellos’ daughter. Kanellos from Greentech Media is one of the sleep-deprived bloggers Green Prophet is with on a clean tech tour of Finland –– along with […]

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Tigo Energy and 8 Israel-Related Headlines, Week of June 1, 2010


Alternative energy contracts with the US, Israel-Turkey relations, growing Israel-China business ties and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech. Image via Tigo Energy. During the week of June 1, 2010, TaKaDu and SolarEdge were named Red Herring winners for their innovative technologies. Ormat Technologies, a renewable geothermal energy company, is set to begin drilling in […]

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Ormat Set to Release Alaska's Geothermal Energy Potential


With dwindling natural gas reserves, will South Alaska be powered with geothermal energy? Ormat may be the first to open Alaskan territories, still virgin to this clean technology. Yavne, in Israel’s Central District, was briefly home to ancient Israel’s Sanhedrin (its highest rabbinical assembly). The town of 32,000 can also claim to be the original […]

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SolarEdge Disrupts Solar Tech


Disruptor: In the past week SolarEdge has announced partnerships to distribute its technology across Australia and Europe and has been named a Red Herring 100 Winner. Known for its high costs and lagging efficiency, the solar energy field has been one to watch for many but one to take advantage of for very few. New […]

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China and 8 Israel-related Cleantech Headlines, Week of May 9, 2010


Israel and China’s cleantech partnership, Better Place, Multimatrix and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech this past week. During the week of May 9th, Israel was invited to join the OECD and its impact on the environment was explored. China’s Suntech and Israel Electric might work together and Better Place closed its $350 million round. […]

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Join The Wide World of WED on June 5th


For This Year’s World Environment Day, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Asks the World’s Citizens to Mobilize for Climate Action. [image via flickr] In the first few months of each year, we report on several special days and hours:  there’s World Water Day on March 22nd, Earth Hour on the last Saturday of March, […]

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Tigo and AGA Deal Means Solar Energy for Residents of High-rises


Tigo offers a tech and IT solution to squeeze more energy from the sun, which may be going vertical in high-rises through US partner. Solar energy has traditionally been a land or “area-intensive” form of alternative energy. Solar energy generation required massive, land-hungry solar power farms in order to compete with conventional equivalents, or large […]

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