Objet Technologies Prints Your Veneers Using 3D Technology


Imagine having teeth like these printed while you wait… thanks to Object Geometries Ltd., that might not be such a futuristic idea. Gone are the days of gooey molds and three week waiting periods. Always at the forefront of cleantech innovation, Israel takes digital dentistry one step further. Using their 3D printing technology Objet Eden260V,  Objet […]

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Green Globe Awards to be Presented to Israel’s Environmental Heroes this Week


And the Green Globe goes to… Minister of the Environment, Gilad Arden. This Thursday will be a very environmentally conscious day in Israel, between the Earth Hour light outages taking place in almost 20 cities, the “Carmel Repair” event to rehabilitate the burned-down Carmel Forest, and the Green Globe environmental award ceremony celebrating the past […]

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How Green and Lean Is the New USDA Food Pyramid?


Potatoes are bad for heart health, according to recent research. The United States Department of Agriculture released the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010, a little bit late–on January 31, 2011. And according to the Harvard School of Public Health, the recommendations are behind the times as well. The new USDA guidelines emphasize a diet rich […]

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Oxford Scholar Brings God’s Wife Back To Life


Though an uncomfortable notion for some, scholarship reveals that God had a wife. Scholars have known since the late 1960s that the ancient Israelites worshiped both Yahweh and his wife Asherah. Despite efforts by some editors to translate Asherah’s name to mean ‘Sacred Tree,’ archaeological findings and excerpts from the Book of Kings depict God’s […]

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RECIPE: Ghorabeya Cookies for Purim


Delicate Turkish cookies, easy to make and perfect for filling Purim baskets. If there’s one weakness we confess to, it’s cookies. We’ve posted about fruit-stuffed ma’amoul cookies and tehina cookies in previous posts.  Now meet Sephardic ghorabeya cookies, a delicacy with a simple nut flavor coming through in every sweet mouthful. This recipe comes from […]

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As Japan Nuclear Plants Meltdown, Israel To Build “Safe” One in the Desert


Fukushima Daiichi reactors in Japan before and after the tsunami. Is this worthwhile for Israel or other Middle East countries? Japan’s damaged nuclear facilities are reaching even more critical radiation leakage levels, and the country’s population is becoming more concerned about the effect of radiation their own environment as well as that outside Japan. Despite […]

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MADEO Consolidates Stylish and Eco-Friendly Design Products


MADEO does the leg work for you when it comes to tracking down cool gifts for your eco-trendy friends. You know the scenario: it’s your cool eco-friendly pal’s housewarming/birthday/holiday party/fill-in-the-blank party and you are short one fabulous/original/aesthetic/environmentally-considerate gift.  You want something creative yet functional, like a cool hanging wine glass rack or a funky bread […]

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Interview: On Saving Albatrosses And HRH Prince Charles With Meidad Goren


Meidad poses with Prince Charles at the Clarence House in London, where they discussed the progress of the Albatross Task Force. Like David de Rothschild, Meidad Goren has spent considerable time at sea working toward nature conservation. His most recent project focused on saving albatrosses. These sea birds become entangled with commercial fishing lines and […]

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Ecoist Accessories Make Eco-Friendly Egoists Look Good


Ecoist: an individual that lives a modern, eco-minded lifestyle.  (Don’t forget chic.) When it comes to upcycling discarded products or industrial scraps, designers often turn to making fashion or home accessories.  They are fun to make, and allow people to feel creative and less wasteful in their accessory choices.  Here on Green Prophet we’ve already […]

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Put Your Money Where Your “Like” Is


Philanthropic heavyweight to green and social organizations, Eliezer explains why pressing “Like” doesn’t convert support into donor dollars. It is time to say it loud and clear: I don’t like the “Lik”e. Did you hear me? I Do Not Like The Like. Don’t misunderstand me: I love when people love me, and I like it […]

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This Year’s US/Israel Venture Summit: Where Capital Lifts Innovation Off The Ground


Great ideas are just that without the capital to get them off the ground. The 5th annual US/Israel Venture Summit provides opportunities for cash-strapped but deserving businesses to take their ideas to the next level. Soon after Massachussets Governor Deval Patrick completes his cleantech tour of Israel and the UK, Israel’s latest and greatest innovators […]

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Massachusetts Governor Firms Up Ties With Israel’s Cleantech Superpowers


Governor Deval Patrick tour through Israel and the UK is aimed at fostering stronger “green” partnerships. During a ten day trip that commenced in Israel on March 7th, delegates of The Massachusetts Innovation Economy Partnership Mission 2011 are meeting with Israeli and UK business leaders and government officials. The focus of these meetings will be on expanding […]

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