Dubai Gets Its First “Green” Gas Station

Enoc collects fuel vapors and incorporates other green elements into Dubai residential filling station. Last September, Dubai ran short on gas, while other Gulf countries re-evaluated their long term energy plan as a result of looming peak oil. Now The National reports that Dubai has installed a “green” petrol station that not only captures and […]


Arugula Samples In Dubai More Contaminated Than A Toilet

Samples taken from arugula in 64 different stores literally contained million of E. coli bacteria. Although fledgling, Dubai’s organic farming is growing, and Yael Mejia with Dubai’s Baker and Spice is doing her part to help that along. Though critics question the wisdom of using desalinated water for farming, the water-strapped Emirates don’t really have […]


Start Looking For Eco-Gifts On Dubai’s Goumbook

These are the savvy ladies behind Dubai-based Goumbook, an online directory of all-things eco. This morning I was doing my usual rounds on the internet, read a few inspirational poems, caught up on the day’s big news: wikileaks, Cancun, and Goumbook – apparently the first online directory of all things eco in the Middle East. […]


How Vegetarians Can Solve The Middle East Water Crisis

Hope floats. Want to help save water and feed nine billion people? Go vegetarian. For vegetarians who have researched all the possible angles to justify their meatless habit – it’s healthier, we might say, or Islam sanctions it, it is no secret that raising meat taxes the environment. In addition to methane gases released, particularly by […]


Is Egypt The New Dubai?

Is marketing Egypt as the next hot spot for high-tech architecture the right way to deflect Dubai’s failure? From an ecological perspective, Dubai is heading towards failure. From an economic perspective, some argue that it already has. How will this improbable city pick up the pieces? Todd Reisz, an architect based in New York City, […]


Dubai Expat On Cloud Lucky Wins Nat Geo Photo Competition

Winjnand Van Till captured what would become National Geographic’s 2010 top Landscape photo in The Netherlands edition. An amateur photographer has captured the most telling image of Dubai to date, winning a National Geographic photo competition for his effort. We’ve seen this Emirate from the underground metro, holiday shots depict its scraper-spattered skyline, and many […]


Nuclear-Powered Water For The UAE?

The Emirates are feeling the pressure of energy and water deficits. Unfortunately, their nuclear solutions are still shortsighted. Dubai grew and grew: without any kind of environmental foresight, the Emirate built the tallest this and the biggest that, showing off its engineering might. And despite some efforts to learn from its neighbor’s mistakes, Abu Dhabi […]


UAE Residents Learn To Save Inflatable Dolphins And Whales

Cetacean-lovers learn how to rescue beached mammals in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Humans engage in all manner of self-destructive behavior, and whales beach themselves. What’s worse, because they are deeply attached to other members of their pod, when senior whales beach themselves, the rest of the “family” will follow suit. The results are devastating, not […]


Dubai Gas Stations Running Out of Gas

Is it the story like the cobbler who doesn’t wear shoes? Government regulated oil prices are forcing Dubai companies to charge lower fees than they pay to import the gas. Now, gas retailers in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates are finding it hard to deal with rising prices and government price controls. Emarat, one […]


Dubai Is For The Birds (And The People Who Love Them)

More than a playground for the rich, Dubai’s Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary protects a wild selection of birds [image via mape_s] Dubai. The very word evokes a sense of plastic dread: tall, extravagant buildings shimmering in the sharp sun, the tallest buildings, the trendiest, and one of the worst environmental offenders we can think […]


Register Early For the "Smart Grids" Middle East Conference

Smart Grids are redefining the electricity future. Worldwide experts in the field will gather to share their know-how with the Middle East in Dubai this December. [image via GDS digital] When temperatures soar, so does electricity consumption. At the peak of a scorcher day, everyone at home or in their offices hikes up their air-conditioning […]


Dubai Properties Faces $7.3 Million Lawsuit

Who to believe? That Dubai properties hasn’t paid or that Hopkins Architects reneged on their agreement? There are different species of architectural firms operating in the feeding frenzy that is Dubai. Some, such as Foster&Partners, are contributing to the country’s environmental malaise, while others, such as Studied Impact, are trying a bit harder to reduce […]


Studied Impact's Power Plant Fit For Living

Sun, wind and solar updraft, could this skyscraper be the world’s first dual power plant and residential building? It’s not easy to shine in Dubai, where architecture and design have captured all the world’s firsts:  the tallest skyscraper, the largest collection of artificial islands – so large they are said to be seen from space. […]