Facebook Users More Prone to Eating Disorders, Israel Study Suggests


A new study from the University of Haifa reveals that girls are particularly susceptible to a darkside of social media – eating disorders. The more time adolescent girls spend in front of Facebook, the more their chances of developing a negative body image and various eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia and exaggerated dieting. This has […]

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Israeli-born Star of Black Swan, Natalie Portman, Sports Green Engagement Ring


She’s got the “green” ring. Guess who is the lucky man. It’s the sort of news to inspire eco-fashionistas: Natalie Portman, vegan shoe wearer, Golden-Globe winner and star of Black Swan, is wearing an engagement ring that embodies the essence of eco-friendly bling. According to reports, the custom-designed ring by Jamie Wolf is an antique […]

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Bisphenol A Disrupts Quality of Eggs Retrieved in IVF Treatment, New Study Demonstrates


Fertility is big business, but new research suggests new challenges to harvesting eggs via IVF: a common compound in baby bottles has been shown to reduce the viability of a woman’s eggs. Baby bottle makers in the US voluntarily removed it from their products a few years back, and while Israel follows EU standards, compromised […]

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SLIDESHOW: Ancient Penis Headstones Stirring Up Erotic Fantasies in Iran


Environmental art can take many forms, but at the core the concept is the juxtaposition of humankind’s relationship with nature. Many artists create their works by using recycled products turning them into aesthetic images; others interact with the forces of nature – wind or water, for example – to reveal something about our world in […]

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The Ecology of Sustainable Love


Physical passion is the ‘fire’ element of sustainable relationships, and is dependent on a healthy dose of ‘earth, air and water’ according to a noted eco-sexpert. Wendy Strgar is in the business of creating sustainable relationships, and her ecology of love philosophy is both green and desirable. Like the water we drink for survival, love […]

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Making Love with the Five Percent Rule


Treating love with patience and with small, 5% changes is the same approach that will save our planet “Bad things happen fast, good things take time,” writes Wendy Strgar, founder and chairman of GoodCleanLove.com, and the author of the newly published book, Love That Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy (Love Words Press, September 2010). […]

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Eco-Sexy Nutrition for Women, From Horny Goat Weed to Vitamin C


Tinamarie brings us another installment of eco-friendly supplements that spice up the bedroom In a recent column on male sexual stimulants, we created an eco-sexy list of non-pharmacological supplements purported to increase a man’s libido and overall sexual well-being and performance. Here, we focus on natural ways to get a woman’s love-gears in motion. First, […]

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Orgasmic Birth, the Eco-Sexy Way to Deliver?


Debra Pascali-Bonaro, a midwife, birthing educator and doula has over 25 years experience helping to deliver babies.  Her video, ‘Orgasmic Childbirth’ was five years in the making, and followed several couples on their journey towards experiencing ecstatic childbirths, not necessarily free from pain, but augmented by pleasure and sensuality. About the film – which can […]

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‘Green Porno’ Creator Isabella Rossellini Premiers ‘Seduce Me’ on Sundance Channel


The Sundance Channel is launching a playful and informative new series about a very sexy topic: seduction. Aptly named ‘Seduce Me,’ the series of five two-minute portraits of courtship and mating is directed and written by Isabella Rossellini. In the series, the star and creator explores ‘the unconventional seduction rituals of creatures ranging from bugs […]

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Are You An Eco-Sexual?


Homo. Bi. Hetero. Now a new label for sexual preference that connects to the environment: eco-sexual. Image via gribanov. The Middle East is rife with labels that divide. And now, just when we thought another couldn’t possibly be invented, those who are bringing the green movement into our bedrooms have a new tag for us […]

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