Will Israeli Hightech Workers Lose Their Leased Cars and Pay Taxes on Parking Spots As The Government Goes Green?


(View of parking lot below Azrielli Center in Tel Aviv) They giveth and then taketh away: The recently Annual Report issued by the Bank of Israel, has devoted an entire chapter to the excessive use of leased company vehicles by employees, which are clogging up the country’s motorways and contributing greatly to the amounts of […]

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Shiri "Solarizes" Israeli Galilee Farmers With Greenway Solar Products


What’s a 37 year old single mom, who lives in a three room mobile home in Israel’s Galilee doing to support herself? Why she’s selling portable solar energy units to farmers, that’s what! Shiri Broida, originally from Kibbutz Ein Harod Ihud, isn’t the normal example of an Israeli woman in her mid 30’s. Her lifestyle […]

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Can't Take The Heat of Global Warming? Rafael Reuveny Says Ecomigration Drastic Measure to Survive Climate Change


Why would a prominent Israeli-born professor at Indiana University decide to change his research emphasis from economics and political science to climate change and ecomigration? And to move from Israel to the United States? Ecomigration is not an entirely crazy idea, and some western people have already started planning and moving to the most suitable […]

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Lebanon Pours the Country's Sewage to the Sea Costing Millions and Harming the Environment


If those of us living in Israel think we have a problem with pollution and beach closures in the Mediterranean Sea, we should take a look on what’s happening north in Lebanon. A recent article in Beirut’s English language newspaper, the Lebanese Star, noted that pollution caused by both the public and private sectors is […]

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Earth Hour Competes With Football in Israel, Jordanians March With Candles


Jordan’s Environment Minister Khalid Irani, RSCN Director General Yehya Khaled, Amman City Manager Ammar Gharaibeh and Wild Jordan Director Chris Johnson hold candles during an event marking Earth Hour on Saturday night (Photo via RSCN) Regional Earth Hour celebrations mixed: On Saturday night at 8:30 p.m. when many people in both Jordan and Israel were […]

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Aora Powers Up "LEGO-like" Units For Solar Energy Production in the Arava Desert


Aora Solar Energy Company, formerly known as EDIG Solar, is ready to begin producing clean tech energy at their power station located at Kibbutz Samar in the Arava Valley. The station, which uses a combination of solar generated electricity thermal power and alternative fuels such as bio-diesel, bio-gas, and natural gas, is expected to produce […]

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Israel NEWTech, A Government Initiative To Promote And Grow Israeli Water Technology And Innovation

Since its inception, Israeli scientists have always put great efforts into developing solutions to help alleviate their country’s chronic water problems. Beginning with innovated “drip” irrigation systems (companies Plastro and Netafim) for arid regions, and continuing with desalination of seawater in the early 1960’s and recycling of sewage waste water in the 1970’s and ’80s, […]

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