Israeli University Honors Environmental Sculptor Dani Karavan


Ben Gurion University of the Negev, one of Israel’s finest academic institutions, and one in which its environmental and alternative energy projects have received world-wide acclaim, honored six outstanding individuals with Honorary Doctoral degrees at the University’s 39th Annual Board of Governors Meeting at the Campus on May 25th. One of these individuals, Dani Karavan, […]

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Jordan Real Estate Conference Stresses Green Construction Methods To Arab World


“Jordan needs to develop sustainable or ‘green’ construction practices based on traditional concepts with modern material and practices,” said Jordan’s Princess Sumaya, president of the Royal Scientific Society, at the opening of the two day Think Green 2 in Real Estate Development Conference in Amman on Tuesday, May 26. The country has started with its […]

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Going For The "Green" In Gold Jewelry


Gold has always fascinated mankind with its beauty and its durability. An Israeli artisan named David Weitzman is now involved in turning this precious metal, as well as silver and other metals into beautiful talisman and amulet pieces that promote environmental awareness as well as spiritual ties to Mother Earth. Weitzman, through his Ka Gold […]

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The International Renewable Energy Agency Convenes in Sharem, Sinai, Next Month


Seventy-nine countries will send delegates to Sharem el Sheikh, Sinai next month to inaugurate the first session of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The international project will spearhead a global effort to develop renewable energy projects all over the world. The new agency was formulated in January, 2009, at a conference in Bonn, Germany, […]

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Israel's Ben Gurion Airport To Get Green Facelift


Not only are Middle Eastern airlines such as Qatar Airlines and airports getting involved in “greening up their act.” Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport, one of the largest in the Middle East region, is now becoming involved in improving its environmental profile. Following the construction of the new Terminal 3 complex, Israel’s Environmental Ministry approved a […]

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As Better Place Tests Battery Replacement Technology in Japan, Is Better Place the Best Electric Car Company?


Shai Agassi’s Better Place electric car company seemed to be on the right track with their conception of a totally electric family sized car. The Israeli company, with offices located in the Kiryat Atidim high tech park, outside of Tel Aviv, developed a prototype for an electric car, using a Renault Megane with an electric […]

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Afghan Opium Growers Get "The Burn Out"


Afghan farmers get “burned out” as government there tows to US pressure. But for poppy farmers, it’s poppies or starvation. Wheat crops, or biofuel crops cannot compare in value. Molar (not his real name) is an Afghan farmer living in the central Hazzrajat Province of Afghanistan. His 60 hectare farm along the Helmand River has […]

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