Jewish Israelis and Jewish Americans Look to US-Israel Cooperation To Break Oil Dependence


If any of you were able to make Sunday’s renewable energy conference in Jerusalem or in San Francisco,  you may have gained a better insight of  the joint renewable energy projects that Israel and the US are involved in. The one-day conference was held in the American Jewish Committee’s Jerusalem headquarters in Beit Moses, and […]

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The 2010 Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy Conference Looks To Carbon-Free Energy


Artistic rendition of the Timna Renewable energy park In Eilat During a speech at the recent 2009 Israel Presidents Conference, Prime Minister Netanyahu remarked that Israel is embarking on programs to enable it to be almost entirely reliant on alternative energy systems by the year 2020. This plan, which  many  people see as more of […]

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Can Israel's Prime Minister's Alternative Energy Agenda Help the Middle East?


BrightSource solar energy company could be part of the alternative energy solution. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to be interested in leading his country away from its current dependence on imported oil and into various forms of alternative energy. But he wants his vision to go far beyond the borders of the tiny State […]

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AECOM Teams Up with Ellerbe Beckett to Create More Sustainable Building In The Middle East


AECOM,  a known global provider of technical and management support services, including many environmental projects, has now teamed up with the Ellerbe Beckett architectural firm, known for its environmentally designed building projects all over the world. AECOM is a Fortune 500 country with more than 44,000 employees. It is in involved in more than 100 […]

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Queengil Provides Sensible Drip Irrigation Tape Drop by Drop


It is finally raining in Israel and other parts of the Middle East; but the region’s acute water shortage is far from being over. An Israeli company Queengil, is trying to help alleviate the problem of providing maximum crop irrigation with available water resources, refining the technology of “drip” irrigation which has already been doing […]

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Google "Sees the Light" by Investing in More Israeli Renewable Energy Projects


American search engine giant Google is now becoming involved in renewable energy projects, including electrical power generated by solar energy. One such project in which Google is a known investor is the Israeli solar energy company, BrightSource Energy,  whose specially-designed collection mirrors and energy generating tower are one of the most  advanced and successful in the […]

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Jewish Clean Tech Conference in San Francisco to Feature Israeli Companies and "Green" US Superstars


 With an eye to the Middle East, hundreds of Jewish professionals will meet November 8 in San Francisco to share ideas and experiences dealing with clean energy projects in both the US and in Israel. The conference Jewish Response to the Energy Challenge (JREC) will feature some of the top Jewish “players” in the clean tech and […]

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Saudi Arabia's KAUST University Is Eco-friendly Environment For Fueling Academic Progress


 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may still be considered as one of the most conservative from a religious standpoint. But with the opening of the new King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, otherwise known as KAUST, a new era in academic learning, combined with new innovations in ecological architecture and design, has begun in which […]

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"Turd Timber" By Qteros Makes Biofuel from Human and Animal Excrement


  An Israeli-American team develops sludge to ethanol technology The stuff may stink to high heaven, and is very unpleasant to work with; but “manure in the sewer”, or just plain “poop” is fast on its way to becoming a viable biofuel. Thanks to a venture involving an American bio-fuel company, Qteros, and an Israeli […]

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UNESCO Conference in Lebanon Stresses Media's Role in Environmental Change


  Participation by news and information media in helping the environment was one of the main issues discussed in a conference which opened last Wednesday at the UN ‘s regional UNESCO headquarters in Beirut. The use of various media resources to promote the preservation and protection of the environment in Lebanon and elsewhere was discussed […]

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How Israel's Military Secrets Translate to Clean Technology


Since its founding in 1917, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, usually known as the JTA, has been a leading international journalistic source for communicating news and  projects  dealing with the world-wide Jewish community.  Many JTA news articles have dealt with various developments in Israel and the Middle East, including those which are beneficial to the cause […]

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Ormat's Opti Takes On Oil Sands In Alberta, A Dirty Deed For The Company's "Clean" Image


  Israel’s ORMAT Industries Ltd  (NASDAQ:ORA) has joined with its subsidiary Opti Canada Inc (TSE:OPC) in a project in extract and produce a high grade of petroleum from oil sands located in northern Alberta Canada. ORMAT is  a world leader in producing  energy from unconventional sources, including geo-thermal energy from volcanoes and hot springs under the […]

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