Eltel Networks Smart Meters A Good Example for Middle East Countries to Follow


A “Smart Meter” vs The Old Standby Many experts articles dealing with energy talk about saving energy costs using systems currently in operation.  Such is the case of a Finnish company Eltel Networks who have entered into an agreement with a large Finnish energy company Fortum  to supply more than half a million of these energy […]

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World Future Energy Summit: Wean UAE and Other Countries off Fossil Fuel Reliance


Masdar City: What Renewable Energy Should Strive For When the 2010 World Future Energy Summit opened this week in Abu Dhabi, one of the primary goals of this year’s conference was to find more ways to rid the United Arab Emirates and other Middle East countries off their dependence on petroleum as a major energy supplier. The […]

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Miya Water Makes $30 Million Investment in Brazil Firm To Cut Water Loss In Cities


Flowers in Brazil won’t hide leaky pipes forever. Israel already has made great strides in the area of water loss prevention technologies, especially with companies like Arad Technologies (their drone plane that detects leaks) and Leviathan Energy. These kinds of technologies get another push in the market:  MIYA, (pronounced me-ya) a municipal water loss prevention […]

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Biofuel Project for Qatar Airways and Airbus


Will Qatar’s air buses be biofueled? The Persian Gulf Emirate of Qatar, together with Qatar Airways, Qatar Science and Technology Park and Petroleum Company have started a new biofuel project to power commercial airliners, including large ones such as Airbus. As noted in a Gulf Times article, along with Qatar’s own air transport and technology concerns, […]

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Israel Can Do More Than Cleantech to Reduce Regional Carbon Footprint


Sign for polluted water at Israel’s beachfront: obvious in any language Although much hype and attention is given to Israel’s contribution in the areas of clean technology, particularly solar energy and other forms of  renewable energy more attention needs to be made on the country’s growing “contribution” to global warming. Despite this small country’s efforts […]

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Burj Dubai towers above, but at What environmental cost?


We covered the grand opening ceremony of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa Tower, formerly called Burj Dubai. But amidst all the fireworks and fanfare, does this 818 meter high monument  to human engineering achievement represent any innovations towards combating global warming, climate change, or other environmental breakthrough – or is it simply another “Tower of Babel,” constructed […]

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Lebanon's Environment Inaction May Affect Entire Region


Running for green issues in Beirut: but will the government listen? The year 2009 was bleak for Lebanon’s environmental track record, according to the country’s Daily Star. Despite the impressive action of IndyACT, Lebanon’s delegation brought little effect at December’s COP 15 climate change summit; they were not able to accomplish much of anything insofar […]

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Are Energy Advances in Israel in Parallel With Those Abroad?


Will Israeli designed recharging stations keep America going? Despite the world economic slowdown, a number of advancements were made worldwide in the fields of alternative and renewable energy. The hottest energy trends of 2009, according to MIT review are: Natural gas drilling technology New batteries for hybrids Carbon capture Smart grid Cellulosic ethanol (biofuel from […]

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Death by Sewage: Saudi Arabia's Desire to "Go Green" Spoiled by Sewage Scandal


Sewage on the streets of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, left more than 120 dead and questions about the country’s green credibility very much open to debate. Photo: Reuters. We’ve covered the recent Hajj 2009 to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Abrabian government’s desire to make future Hajj pilgrimages more environmentally friendly. All these efforts may […]

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NatureMill's Urban Compost Device for Composting in Cities and Apartments


NatureMill’s urban compost bin does the work right in the house. Now there are no excuses to not composting! You already know through reading Green Prophet that you can make your own vegetable composter for only $10 worth of easily obtainable materials.  With all the interest being circulated dealing with organic gardening at home, including […]

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UAE's SAG Group: Middle East – Take the Environment Seriously or Suffer


Could this “dry” setting be the entire Middle East one day if we don’t take environment issues seriously? Business concerns in the Middle East, especially real estate developers in countries like the UAE,  Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia are not being concerned enough about the environment, according to a study just released by the UAE […]

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Lebanon’s Sidon Garbage Dump More Serious Than Just the Smell


“You smell it before you can see it,” says Mohammad who talks of Lebanon’s utterly toxic dumping ground by the sea. Image: BBC. We’ve written about Israel’s infamous garbage (sh*t) mountain and national “landmark” Hirira outside of Tel Aviv. We learn that another large regional garbage mound, the Sidon Rubbish Dump or the Saida dump is attracting […]

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Middle East/Med Region Could Solar Power World 3 Times Over


The sunny MENA (Middle East- North Africa) region and its associated countries could solar power the world, Maurice reports. This map-maker left out Israel. Middle Eastern and North African countries, often referred to under the umbrella term MENA countries, have the potential to create more than 3 times the world’s power needs, according to a […]

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VIDEO: Blower Fans in the Cow Shed Test Vertical Wind Turbines of Coriolis


No bull! When the sh*t hits the fan? This cowshed could revolutionize wind energy science. Who would ever have thought that wind blower fans in a cow barn would spark an idea to create innovated vertical wind turbines? It turns out that a small, clean technology startup company located in a kibbutz near Ramat Hasharon, […]

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Japan To Build Solar Plant in Jericho, Palestine


Jericho in Palestine will light up with solar power thanks to Japanese initiative. The Japanese government has agreed to assist the Palestinian Authority with two solar energy projects totaling $23 million, according to the Palestinian Maan News Agency. Part of the funds, $16.7 million, will be used to assist in alleviating the Authority’s financial difficulties, with […]

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Masdar City's Dream of 100% Sustainability an Example for Other Countries


Masdar City: A model city for sustainable cities of the world? Masdar City, that 100% carbon neutral eco-city being built in Abu Dhabi, is receiving well deserved attention not only from local environmentalists, but from many individuals and organizations located far from the unique ecological project. The city currently under construction by an international consortium of […]

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COP 15 Outcome: A Weak Climate Change Agreement, Disappointed Environmentalists, and "Oil Business As usual" in the Middle East


The glaciers are melting – and seas are rising – is climate change to blame? It’s over: the two week long COP 15 conference on global warming and climate change ended Friday night with a weak agreement to try to keep global warming temperature levels at or below 2 degrees Celsius, and to allocate a […]

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