The Kishon River Goes from Sewage and Industrial Waste Canal to Nature Park in Only a Decade


Considered the most polluted river in Israel, the Kishon River struggles with water quality. But now, cormorants on the river can eat the fish they catch. The Kishon River, a 75 km long stream that begins in the Western Galilee and ends when emptying into Haifa Bay at the Mediterranean Sea in Israel, was until recently […]

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Alexander River's Still Polluted – Could Improve With Help From Palestinian 'Friends'


Better control of sewage inflow could make the Alexander River even more attractive. The Jordan River (which is dying) is not the only waterway in Israel, the PA, and Jordan, that has been in the center of environmental controversy. Virtually all of the region’s streams and rivers have their share of ecological problems, more notably […]

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New Hadera Desalination Plant May Help Restore Water to Lower Jordan River


As seawater flows into the Hadera Desalination Plant, will fresh water flow into the dying Jordan River? The world’s largest desalination plant using the reverse osmosis method for extracting salt from the sea is now up and running outside the Israel coastal city of Hadera, according to the Associated Press. The new plant is the […]

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Organic Waste Converter "Hands-free Food Waste System" May Work Better Than Composting


About 50% of the waste in the UAE is organic. A new converter launched at conference aims to reduce this amount by 90% within a day. For years, composting has been considered as the environmentally best method for  disposing of organic waste material, especially ones like the NatureMill Urban Composter, we wrote about in January. […]

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Jordan's Queen Rania Says Educational Environment is as Important as Natural One


Can Queen Rania’s educational efforts spill over for regional environmental issues as well? While many articles have been written about Jordan and its various environmental issues ,especially the most recent about the state of the Lower Jordan and Yarmuk Rivers, the Jordan Royal Family, particularly Queen Rania Al Abdullah (who’s helping Jordanian farmers go organic), […]

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Israel Joins Prestigious OECD Economic Club. What Does That Mean for the Environment?


OECD Officials: Is Israel’s entry enough to ward off political adversaries? We hope it will advance clean tech and initiatives like Desertec into the Middle East. Israel is the only Middle East member. Israel’s dynamic economy, especially in science, information technology (IT) and now clean technology has propelled it to ascend to one of the […]

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"Look Ma, No Hands": Will GM's New Self-Guided Electric Car Catch on in Macho Middle East?


Will “no hands driving ” work in the macho Middle East? It seems the race to create the most innovative electric powered vehicles has become even more bizarre: America’s General Motors recently unveiled its new EN-V Robot car in Shanhai China. The vehicle, which uses a GPS type guidance, vehicle-to-vehicle wireless communications system, is being […]

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Iron-Rich Whale Poop Essential in Middle Eastern Marine Habitats


Big recyclers and important for carbon storage: New evidence explores how important this large mammal is for regulating nutrients in the sea. What does whale excrement, or poop, have to do with enriching the world’s marine environment? Plenty,  according to a recent  article on Greenbang. The “poop” the article is referring to is that contributed by […]

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