Bahrain Fishermen Plea for Help With Their Catch

A Bahraini dhow in drydock. No fish. Maybe it’s time to go back to racing camels? It’s not just dumping construction wastes in the Persian Gulf that’s killing delicate coral formations these days. Now, the Sheikdom’s fishermen are complaining that their catches are much lower than expected. Bahrain’s Gulf Daily News says the fishing industry has collapsed. And […]


Red Sea Oil Spill Cover-Up Worse than Reported

The Red Sea oil spill off Hurghada Coast is said to be contained, but it’s still leaking off the coast of Egypt, environmental activists say. Tourists are cancelling Red Sea holidays. With all the attention focused on the still spewing oil platform leak in the Gulf of Mexico,  who would be paying attention to another oil […]


Mining Afghanistan’s Mineral Discoveries Similar to Avatar

Afghanistan is not Pandora, but the tribal exploitation concept is similar Maurice argues. Now that American forces in Afghanistan are commemorating the longest period of any war that America has been involved in, including the 1965-73 Vietnam War, the recent discoveries of large and extremely valuable mineral and metal deposits may finally bring to light […]


Dumping by Construction Crews Killing Bahrain Coral

A death trap for corals: Is Abu Dhabi’s Bu Tinah island atoll next in line for dumping? We have heard this issue before: corals are being killed from human caused environmental damage. We’ve heard this in a lot of places, especially in the areas like the Persian Gulf; where large scale construction projects in Dubai, […]


Israel Camel Racing May Suffer for Lack of Humps

In Israel Bedouin still joke about the value of a woman “in the price of camels.” Now two Jewish Israelis have joined the tribe, and are looking to save the last of these Mohicans. Camel racing is still a very popular sport in many parts of the Middle East, despite its reputation involved in child […]


Queen Rania’s take on sustainable education

Can Queen Rania’s educational efforts spill over for regional environmental issues as well? While many articles have been written about Jordan and its various environmental issues ,especially the most recent about the state of the Lower Jordan and Yarmuk Rivers, the Jordan Royal Family, particularly Queen Rania Al Abdullah (who’s helping Jordanian farmers go organic), […]