Ancient jar of decapitated toad heads puzzle archeologists


They were found in a 4000 year old tomb. Begging the question – why a jar of decapitated toads? What strange customs did our ancestors practice? According to archaeologists who uncovered the recent finding, the frogs were part of ancient funeral practices.   Researchers say these fascinating findings from an Israel Antiquities Authority excavation near the […]

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Project Loon launches balloon-based internet into the stratosphere


Two of three people in the world don’t have internet access. That means 2 out of 3 people can’t Google whatever they imagine. They can’t connect to Facebook, they can’t use Instagram and then there are the basics like banking, education, healthcare. Imagine doing anything today without internet? High altitude balloons invented by Google’s elite […]

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The price of take-away cups


It’s so easy to be tempted to get that take-away cup when you are on the run. But every time you feel terrible about the plastics in our waterways, rivers, seas and bodies, this about this infographic below. Because the cost of styrofoam cups adds up! Our advice.   Take a cup sitting down or […]

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