Voltaire's Switching Computers Onto Green Power

Computers need resources. Whether it’s logging on at work, sending Tweets from the train station or powering big laboratory ideas, firing up all those communications devices requires juice. In the language of “green,” energy savings equal increased efficiency, and efficiency means less carbon-based pollution. Israel’s Voltaire works with the top companies in the business, such […]


Gazans Smoke Sewage Peace Pipe With Israel

The concept of achieving peace through pipes may have originated with Native Americans, but today, unbeknownst to most of us, Israelis and Gazans are seeking peace through sewage pipes. It was a wild idea back in 1997, and perhaps it is even more unrealistic today. However, against the odds – and working around their governments […]

Jewish National Fund Sponsors North America's Green Israel Program

The Jewish National Fund says it is proud to sponsor the Habonim Dror North America (HDNA) Green Israel Program. The program brings together the values of Judaism, Zionism and social justice through a Zionist-based, environmentally friendly gardening project at HDNA’s seven summer camps located in California, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Toronto, and Vancouver. Its goal is to […]


CartaSense Keeps A Tab On Pigs With A Chip

With today’s factory farming methods blamed by many as the cause of outbreaks like the swine flu epidemic now infecting people globally, it’s no surprise that interest in Israeli start-up CartaSense is running so high. The company has created technology that can pinpoint a sick pig or cow in real-time, and help the farmer isolate […]


Tal Ronen Wants To Reboot Planet Earth

After watching the Al Gore movie on global warming, Israeli-American business coach and transformational thinker Tal Ronen was motivated to “reboot” his career, and at the same time, to “reboot” the planet, starting with America. “We are embezzling the planet,” Ronen says. “Based on what I’ve studied, we’ll need about 15 to 30 planet earths […]