Israel's IAI Joins Europe to Make "Clean Skies" and Greener and Quieter Aircraft


Carbon offsetting your flight is one way to help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases entering the air. But experts in the transportation industry know that it’s necessary to start from the ground up — by making planes, trains and automobiles more environmentally friendly as part of their engineering. Green Prophet’s Tal Ater was just […]

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What Slipped Through The Cracks, When We Measured Greenhouse Gases


Al Gore may have given us a frightening picture of climate change and our future, but now new research suggests that even his predictions could be too modest, after an Israeli scientist discovered that cracks in the earth are emitting unrecorded greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This is the first time this phenomenon has been […]

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The Province of Manitoba and Israel Have A Watershed Moment


A joint Manitoba-Israel collaboration on research into wetlands and watersheds will be supported by a $100,000 grant from the province, Water Stewardship Minister Christine Melnick announced today. “This is especially important for Manitoba as we move forward to restore and protect our wetlands including the large Delta and Netley/Libau marshes on the southern shores of […]

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The Israel Conference in LA to Spark Deal Flow Between Israel Clean Tech and California


On June 4 in Los Angeles, the Israel Conference will spotlight Israeli clean tech, medical tech, high tech and more. Investors coming to the event represent about $20 billion in funds. “Many Los Angeles and California business leaders and entrepreneurs will have their first opportunity to see first what Israeli companies, technologists and investors can […]

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California's PG&E Signs Historic Solar Energy Contract With BrightSource Energy, for Solar Power


The deal is to provide power to more than half a million homes: Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced today that it has entered into a series of contracts with BrightSource Energy for a total of 1,310 megawatts of solar thermal power. These power purchase agreements, covering seven projects, supersede the agreements PG&E executed […]

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The Arava Insitute Teaches Palestinians, Jordanians and Israelis To Solve Water & Environment Issues Together

(Cousteau interviews students from the Arava Institute in Israel. It’s a unique learning center that offers environment degrees to students from around the world.) We’ve been following Alexandra Cousteau as she documents her travels in Israel and the Middle East. In this video recently uploaded, she interviews students at the Arava Institute in Israel where […]

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Forget Submarines, Send In The Robotic Octopus Instead


Explore where no man has gone before, with tentacles? Now building the world’s first robotic octopus, and the world’s first soft-bodied robot, Israeli “octopus” scientists have joined a seven group international team to help marine scientists explore nooks and crannies on the ocean floor, like an octopus would. Instead of dropping down clunky metallic submarines […]

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Agri Projects Offers Liquid Know-How To India


(Monsoons in India channel pollution to potable water sources, contaminating water everywhere.) Monsoons in India are both a blessing and a curse. As the heavy rains pour down, they provide the season’s much-needed water for irrigating crops. But monsoons also wipe out entire villages. They cause mudslides, and contaminate potable water. Diseases fester and spread […]

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