Lebanon To Waive Taxes on Hybrid Cars

Tesla’s electric roadster (above) and Nissan’s LEAF could evade import tax to Lebanon this year. Israel probably thought it was alone in the region with its plans to lift (and then stiff) taxes from hybrids and electric cars until now: Its northern neighbor Lebanon says it will likely do the same. In the 2010 draft […]

An Ungreen Invention: The Automated Street Meat-Cutting Robot

A totally redundant and ungreen invention automates Middle East meat cutting. We were fooled by Grist yesterday and the news that McDonald’s meals won’t compost for 1,000 years, but this meat-cutting robot, a donor-robo looks like no joke. Designed by Turkish engineers, your Middle East street meat will never be the same, boast developers of […]


Stop Smoking, Stupid!

A new study finds that smokers tend to have lower IQs.  If you live in the Middle East, like I do, you’ll notice one of the most irritating habits you can’t escape is smoking. Cigarettes, pot, hookah pipe. Either you fight it or join them – something I did after being a virgin non-smoker for […]


Ilana Meallem Is The Green Peacemaker of the Middle East

A young, ‘green’ peacemaker Ilana Meallem, who first wanted to serve her country in the army, now devotes herself to coexistence and environmental good works. You’ll find her wherever the peacemakers and ecologists roam, at venues like the annual United Religions Initiative Middle East North Africa (MENA) region conference. Today Ilana Muallem is one of […]


BrightSource Gets a Billion

BrightSource gets more than a billion in loan guarantees to shine its solar lights brightly and power California homes. We reported on BrightSource, the solar thermal energy company, and its nearly $1.5 billion in loan guarantee from the US Department of Energy last week. This was the biggest clean tech news in March. I spoke […]


Middle East Water Security Worries the Prince of Jordan

Karin meets Prince Hassan of Jordan at a water security conference in Switzerland last week. It was a meeting of minds, water minds. Water consultants, ambassadors who’ve built water treaties, and government specialists and negotiators from around the Middle East and Europe gathered in Montreux, Switzerland for a two-day workshop on Water Security in the […]