Arab Company Agrobics Cleans Industrial Wastewater, Inspired By Olive Waste


“If agricultural wastewater went straight to the wastewater treatment plant, the facility would just collapse,” says Dr. Isam Sabbah, left, founder of the clean tech company Agrobics. Growing up in the Galilee region of Israel, Dr. Isam Sabbah was all too aware of the problems associated with the waste from olive presses. He’d seen organic […]

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Abu Dhabi’s "Wondering Where the Lions Are" (And Why The Corals Won't Come Back)


Scientists seek to solve the mystery of disappearing coral in Abu Dhabi. Bring in Inspector Clouseau! It doesn’t take a whole lot of common sense to figure this one out: you build monolithic structures and artificial islands on a fragile seashore along the Persian Gulf, have oil tankers pulling petrochemicals from the land which leaks […]

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GreenRoad Saves Lives and Fuel (& Why Branson and Gore Invested in Them)


In terms of green investment, they’ve got the perfect track record: Richard Branson’s Virgin Green Ventures has invested in the fuel-saving tech of GreenRoad. Now Al Gore’s fund. Karin reports. Both average folk and environmentalists wait in earnest for all-electric vehicles like the Nissan LEAF, the Chevy Volt or Israel’s Better Place-Renault car to roll […]

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Stop Smoking, Stupid!


A new study finds that smokers tend to have lower IQs. Image via inmysparetime If you live in the Middle East, like I do, you’ll notice one of the most irritating habits you can’t escape is smoking. Cigarettes, pot, hookah pipe. Either you fight it or join them – something I did after being a […]

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Ilana Meallem Is The Green Peacemaker of the Middle East


A young, ‘green’ peacemaker Ilana Meallem, who first wanted to serve her country in the army, now devotes herself to coexistence and environmental good works. You’ll find her wherever the peacemakers and ecologists roam, at venues like the annual United Religions Initiative Middle East North Africa (MENA) region conference. Today Ilana Muallem is one of […]

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Rethinking Climate Change Under the Middle East Sun


Sea levels off Israel’s coast have been rising and falling over the last 2,500 years suggesting that short-term trends of rising sea levels may not necessarily reveal a long-term trend. Researchers around the world are putting their minds together, focusing on both global and local patterns to find symptoms of climate change. Is there going […]

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Last Call for Israeli Clean Tech Companies: Meet Dream Teams In California


If you were an aspiring actor, it would be like getting an invitation to a wine and cheese Hollywood party with the industry’s top directors. Or an aspiring chef, getting some in-person training with Le Cordon Bleu masters in Paris. If you are an Israeli clean technology entrepreneur in focus areas of renewable energy, water, […]

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Coastal Erosion Threatens Evolutionary Hotspots In Gulf Region


Projects like Dubai’s “The World” will cause untold damage of shoreline erosion and habitat loss. So do modern ports, threatening endangered species. But there are solutions, says US expert. Coastal waters are evolutionary hotspots, says Jerry Berne, a shoreline expert from the NGO Sustainable Shorelines in the US. Based in Charlotte, NC, USA, Berne is […]

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BrightSource Gets a Billion


BrightSource gets more than a billion in loan guarantees to shine its solar lights brightly and power California homes. We reported on BrightSource, the solar thermal energy company, and its nearly $1.5 billion in loan guarantee from the US Department of Energy last week. This was the biggest clean tech news in March. I spoke […]

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Middle East Water Security Worries the Prince of Jordan


Karin meets Prince Hassan of Jordan at a water security conference in Switzerland last week. It was a meeting of minds, water minds. Water consultants, ambassadors who’ve built water treaties, and government specialists and negotiators from around the Middle East and Europe gathered in Montreux, Switzerland for a two-day workshop on Water Security in the […]

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Better Place Launches Test Drive and Electric Car Education Facility in Israel


Karin attends Better Place press conference as company launches its electric car testing facility for the public, in Israel. The sun’s in her eyes as she clutches the door of the new Renault Nissan car. Or maybe she’s blinded by all the excitement? The media gathered outside the old oil storage containers –– a remnant […]

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Want to Solar Power the Middle East? Attend the 2nd Annual MENASOL Solar Conference in Cairo


Want to accelerate your solar idea and move more developments into the Middle East? The MENASOL conference in Cairo’s gathering a critical mass of opinion leaders, experts and financing personnel this May. In a part of the world where it can take centuries for there to be something new under the sun, Cairo will be […]

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Arab Students Oppose Spain's Boycott of Israeli Students at Solar Decathlon

Political extremists launched a boycott campaign targeting Israel last year, pressuring Spain into expelling Ariel University Center (AUC) from the 2010 Solar Decathlon as Green Prophet reported. The Solar Decathlon is an international competition that calls on students in Europe to build a self-sustaining solar house. Ariel’s team was chosen as one of 20 finalists, […]

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Coriolis Scales Up for the Wind


A stackable, scalable wind-turbine solution taps into a lucrative $40 billion market. Move your turbines where the wind blows, without heavy environmental impact. When we think of wind turbines, we tend to picture the standard massive turbine fans the size of airplane wings. While they’re an important carbon-free component to supplying countries with renewable energy […]

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