Pixel Hotel Tel Aviv Is A Little Love Shack (Photos)

From Linz to Tel Aviv: the lifeguard loveshack, a future Pixel Hotel in Tel Avi rendering. Tafline reported last week on the unusual and super neat project of Pixel Hotels. The idea started in Linz, Austria where unconventional and unused urban properties like garages or spaces within galleries – like a trailer in a gallery […]

Martian Meteor Hits Morocco

Mars rock rarer than gold and called Tissint falls in Morocco. This might explain mystical Moroccan men: maybe they really are from Mars? Or at least influenced by the Martian planet? Scientists have just confirmed that a meteor shower that brought a 15 pound rock hurtling into Morocco really did come from Mars. This is […]


Shark Fin Soup Can Give You Brain Damage

Gulf experts say that shark meat contains extremely high levels of mercury. The picture above depicts a deformed Japanese boy whose mother had mercury poisoning. If shark conservation isn’t your thing, and you are one of the people creating a worldwide demand for shark fin soup, think about this next time you slurp: filmmaker and […]


PIP Breast Implant Warnings Hit Middle East

Defunct French company PIP has sold leaky, industry grade silicon implants now being recalled. image via Globalpost Thousands of faulty breast implants have been recalled by the French government for fears of leaks that could lead to cancer. A call to women has been issued in the Middle East to women from Israel all the […]


Saffron Spice Fights Liver Cancer

Researchers in Al Ain find that saffron can protect your liver from cancer. Great news just in time for Christmas: Arab scientists from the United Arab Emirates have located anti-cancer compounds in the much loved and expensive spice saffron. Known for centuries as a home remedy, the research project led by Professor Amr Amin from […]


Should Mosques Be Muzzled?

A spiritual call to prayer or noise pollution? Some communities seek ban on mosque call in Israel Should Israel be more lenient than Europe in the amount of noise that can emanate from a mosque call to prayer? These are the questions that Israeli government officials are asking recently, with some ministers looking to back […]

Walk the Gospel and Follow the Footsteps of Jesus

Walk in the footpaths of Jesus on the Gospel Trail. It’s pilgrim’s progress: walking in the footsteps of Jesus. There are now two trails where Christian pilgrims can get outdoorsy and follow in the footsteps of their prophet. Late November, the Israel Ministry of Tourism launched the Gospel Trail, a modular trail that follows the […]

Spencer Tunick Mad Over Naked Dead Sea Photo Leak

Leaked pictures from the Dead Sea naked shoot reveal identifiable information of the naked models. When more than a thousand people signed up for the Naked Sea project, US installation artist Spencer Tunick took great care to ensure that the privacy of the naked models would be kept, um, private. Green Prophet’s Alex was part […]

Test Tube Testes Developed by Arab Scientist

An Arab scientist has developed an artificial testis to give infertile man a chance to sire their own children. In the western world couples who have trouble conceiving go to sperm banks when the male produces no viable sperm. And while these options are available in the Middle East, the more traditional male types here […]


Hydropolis Underwater Hotel in Dubai Still Sunk

Dutch designer once planned for outer space, but this closer to home Hydropolis never got off the ground in Dubai. There have been some pretty crazy Real Estate projects built in the United Arab Emirates, like the world’s tallest building the Burj Dubai. Most of the hair-brained construction projects over there are unsustainable – Burj […]