TRIDE Links Jordan, Israel and US in Clean Tech

In wealthy Western countries, renewable energy developments are a source of progress, pride and smart business. For Israel and Jordan, two Middle Eastern countries severely lacking in water and energy resources, renewable energy is a matter of survival. That’s why there’s been a new green twist to the Trilateral Industrial Development Foundation (TRIDE), founded in 1996 as […]


Holiday on Samui’s Rocky Shores at Baan Hin Sai

Think Wem Wenders meets Knots Landing at this natural cliff top resort on Koh Samui, Thailand.  As I get older and find myself with the itch to get away, I am turning more and more to all inclusive holidays, especially the last minute deal sites to help me find a cheap, and simple holidays not […]


Keeping Up With the Food Blogs

Recipes US offers a portal into hundreds of thousands of blogger recipes, many connected to the Middle East. There is no doubt that home cooking is a good thing for our planet. Forget about the packaging waste you save by cooking up a storm at home, but there is all that petrol going out to […]


Carpet Made From Pebbles Gives Great Foot Massage

An Israeli designer creates a rug that incorporates real pebbles. Walking on them is like a foot massage! It’s pretty common these days to see pottery and household objects that are designed to resemble nature. And carpets too. While you may see pathways made of pebbles, it’s not likely you’ll find them inside your carpets. […]


How To Make Paper from Potty

I catch up with Applied Clean Tech to know more about their recycled toilet paper project Above: recycled poo pellets that serve as raw material for recycled paper It will probably take a certain market approach and finesse to get people to accept, let alone truly appreciate, recycled toilet paper. But Refael Aharon, the CEO […]


Toxic Kosher Coke Banned During Passover

As we learn from Starbucks and their new sustainable approach of using a red beetle to color their pink drinks (that’s instead of oil tar), when you follow dietary laws for any religion, sometimes the least healthy option is the one you have to take. In the midst of the Jewish holiday of Passover, Jews in […]


Tour Nazareth in the Arms of An Angel

Go on a mind-shifting free tour of Nazareth with Linda (above) when you stay at the budget hotel the Fauzi Azar Inn. Nazareth, a Galilean City between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Galilee is an important one for all major monotheistic religions. Most notably it has become a must-see pilgramage site for Catholics […]


Dumpster Diving for Hotel Food in Eilat, Israel

The poor man’s Riviera, that’s how we see it: Eilat is a vacation hotspot for tourists looking to catch some cheap winter sun, and for local Israelis who want a quick jaunt out of the north without having to change time zones and a wad of cash into foreign currency. Not necessarily a poor town, […]


Oil Shale Marchers Walk 40 k from the Valley to Jerusalem

“We are not rabbits,” was among the slogans against the “oil shale experiment” march today in Israel.  A story of Davids versus the Goliaths? Valley of Elah residents, Greenpeace members and local NGOS in Israel organized a march today against the development of oil shale in Israel. Oil shale and its extraction remains a very […]


Caught Wearing An Aborted Lamb Fetus Karacul Hat!

Green Prophet’s founder (that’s me) caught on camera wearing a controversial karacul hat. My husband’s people come from the Silk Road region of Tajikistan, where the elders pride themselves on wearing grey or black karacul hats. Football shaped, with soft fur, they give a man a look of distinction. On a recent outing to a […]


Egging Me On to Start a Food Fight

Is no egg sacred? An Israeli company buys rights to print advertising on eggs. Stand up for your rights to crack a clean egg. Despite the sad job of having to sell three of my young roosters back to the farm today, god am I happy that I farm my own eggs in the city. […]