Asbestos Causes Mutant Mice in Israel


Asbestos is all over the place in Israel. Now the rare form of lung cancer that asbestos causes is not the only worry: asbestos leads to mutations in mice. Asbestos covers parking garages in Tel Aviv, and the roofs of small buildings and sheds all over Israel. Look in landfills or even playgrounds, and don’t […]

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SBY Solar Blocks Arava Power Solar Field Launch Today

On the eve of its launch, Arava Power must prepare for a “real” solar war: Israel’s first solar field company loses building permit and prepares for battle –– over sun rights and tariffs The Israeli solar installation company SBY (Solar By Yourself) has effectively played a role in freezing Arava Solar’s building permit this weekend. […]

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Israel To Research from the Moon?


Studying earth from the moon could help humanity better understand climate change, Israeli engineers in Google Lunar X competition say. (From left, SPACE IL’s Yonatan Weintraub and Kfir Damari with Lori Garver, deputy administrator at NASA). As we learned recently from Rola’s post on Virgin’s galactic space travel for tourism, green research fields can be […]

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