Masdar and US to Collaborate on Carbon Capture and Clean Energy


United Arab Emirate’s renewable energy company Masdar signed MoU with the US Department of Energy, Canada too. Aligning America with United Arab Emirates? the The US Department of Energy (DoE) and Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s multifaceted renewable energy initiative which includes an eco-city with the same name, signed a Memorandum of Understanding this week to promote […]

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Have You Ever Met a Green Sheikh?


Green Prophet interviews the Green Sheikh, from the United Arab Emirates. He’s looking to change the “green” perceptions and reality of the Middle East. The environment movement is no stranger to royalty: Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales has made his commitment to supporting the green movement, and over in Jordan, Prince Hassan has told […]

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Forbes Names Israel's Shari Arison As One of the World's Greenest Billionaires


We know that billionaires with their minds and hearts in right place, can do right by the planet. Taking notice, Forbes business magazine has looked beyond its regular annual billionaires list and has plucked out Israel’s banking and cruiseline heiress Shari Arison as one of the world’s greenest. Greenest billionaires, that is. Shari joins Silicon […]

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Brazil and Israel to Collaborate on Water


They’ve tried the peeing in the shower campaign. Now Brazil looks to Israel for water technologies. Can we hope for a Gisele Bundchen (above in water dress)/Bar Rafaeli poster campaign? Water-rich Brazil and water-poor Israel have found that they’re a good fit, with each country’s handicaps and blessings contributing to the cooperation between them. The […]

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Meet DESERTEC’s Oliver Steinmetz: Opportunities for Middle East Countries


Farming the sun from hot climates to Europe? This is the plan of DESERTEC. Today we speak with Oliver Steinmetz. Oliver’s a co-founder and volunteer board member for the DESERTEC Foundation, a small NGO founded in 2008 to promote the DESERTEC concept of supplying clean energy from desert regions to regions with less sun, like […]

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Enviromena Solar Company Awarded Enviro Prize, and Busts Arab Stereotypes


Arab solar energy company gets awarded for its sustainable vision in Beirut, Lebanon. They sealed a $15 million round of financing this year; now Abu Dhabi’s solar developer Enviromena Power Systems (“Enviromena”) won the “Sustainable Development of the Environment Award” at the Takreem Arab Achievement Awards held in Beirut last month. Hosted by Al Jazeera’s […]

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Arab Company Agrobics Cleans Industrial Wastewater, Inspired By Olive Waste


“If agricultural wastewater went straight to the wastewater treatment plant, the facility would just collapse,” says Dr. Isam Sabbah, left, founder of the clean tech company Agrobics. Growing up in the Galilee region of Israel, Dr. Isam Sabbah was all too aware of the problems associated with the waste from olive presses. He’d seen organic […]

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Abu Dhabi’s "Wondering Where the Lions Are" (And Why The Corals Won't Come Back)


Scientists seek to solve the mystery of disappearing coral in Abu Dhabi. Bring in Inspector Clouseau! It doesn’t take a whole lot of common sense to figure this one out: you build monolithic structures and artificial islands on a fragile seashore along the Persian Gulf, have oil tankers pulling petrochemicals from the land which leaks […]

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GreenRoad Saves Lives and Fuel (& Why Branson and Gore Invested in Them)


In terms of green investment, they’ve got the perfect track record: Richard Branson’s Virgin Green Ventures has invested in the fuel-saving tech of GreenRoad. Now Al Gore’s fund. Karin reports. Both average folk and environmentalists wait in earnest for all-electric vehicles like the Nissan LEAF, the Chevy Volt or Israel’s Better Place-Renault car to roll […]

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Stop Smoking, Stupid!


A new study finds that smokers tend to have lower IQs. Image via inmysparetime If you live in the Middle East, like I do, you’ll notice one of the most irritating habits you can’t escape is smoking. Cigarettes, pot, hookah pipe. Either you fight it or join them – something I did after being a […]

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