Oregon’s Governor Looks for Clean Tech Opportunities in Israel


Oregon’s Governor Ted Kulongoski (left) will be “fishing” for clean tech and high-tech opportunities in Israel later this month. Oregon’s Governor Ted Kulongoski, a Democrat, will be coming to Israel for an 8-day trade mission later this month. Like other American politicians, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger included, Kulongoski is looking to meet with Israeli clean tech companies, high-tech cos, […]

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Vinod Khosla: When “Environmentalists” Get In The Way of Clean Tech Progress


They have the power to stop multi-million solar installations in the Mojave Desert and shut down coal-powered factories for a day and sometimes forever. But celebrity clean tech investor Vinod Khosla, founder of Sun Microsystems from Khosla Ventures, says that environmentalists, though with good intentions can “do more damage than they know.”

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Obama Touts Israeli-Developed Solar Company BrightSource


About to break ground later this month in California, and with an IPO in the horizon, US President lauds clean tech companies like BrightSource for creating new “green” jobs. To bolster his leadership position and defend his support of clean technology, US President Obama lauds the solar energy company BrightSource for creating jobs and green […]

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Pest-resistant Super Wheat “Al Israeliano”

Based on the ancient “emmer” a new strain of pest-resistant super-wheat emerges from Israel. Perhaps harking back to biblical times, or resonating with Israel’s interest in growing crops in the desert, Israeli scientists have cultivated what they believe to be the world’s best pasta wheat. It’s touted as having the best nutritional quality, yield, pest-protection […]

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Israel’s Bedouin Want Their Rightful Share of the Sun


It would create jobs and better dividends for the marginalized Bedouin in Israel’s Negev Desert. So will the Israeli Government allot a lease-land quota for solar energy on Bedouin-settled land? Arava Power, based on an Israeli kibbutz, recently signed a solar energy land lease deal with Israeli Bedouin (previously nomadic people). The deal, it seems […]

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